this was all I could listen to when this occurred.

this was all I could listen to when this took place.

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I should have recorded and posted this, the other day I basically did this, but when I got to the wasp with my grapple shot I think the driver tried to bonk me out of it. But i just stuck to the bottom in the grapple animation while we both fell from the sky

I got the achievement for this by jumping at a low flying wasp and grappling into it. Not as cool as your maneuver.

Its moments like this that make this game fun, and then there are all those frustrating moments in-between

I’d love a larger scale Halo. 12v12 for Big team still feels too small. They should go for a Conquest type mode instead of BR.

maybe an odd comment but the banshee looks so good in motion here especially sweeping in at the start, beautiful to watch 😮

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