This very very well sums it up for me.

This rather well sums it up for me.

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Really great advice.

Negotiations between workers and management can end in a win/win for all parties, but not if one side approaches the table with a fundamental lack of respect for the other.

If one side enters the conversation with the goal of undermining the other and refusing to accept anything less than total domination, it’s time to get up, walk out, and only come back when the other side learns to grow up…if you come back at all.

I just got a crazy salary increase and bonus from a new job offer that is less work and stress then my current job. My company president was devastated, but understood that it was the right decision for myself (which I respected very much). My VP though, tried to tell me that the salaries recruiters show you are fake and that the standard median salary is about half what is shown. When I told him that its not fake because I actually have a contract stating the salary and bonus he tried to be condescending and said “you are worth what you think and nobody can change that”. I ended it with says “and I’m worth what the market is” and walked away.

Don’t let anyone tell you what you are worth. People want to keep you down so they can make the greatest profit. The people at the top are the greediest ones. Act just as greedy. I ran my whole department, they will need to spend double my new salary to get it back under control when I leave.

Wow, I’m dealing with family members right now who are being incredibly disrespectful and manipulative and other family members (the supportive and well-meaning ones) think I should try to go to them to fix things. This quote is perfect. Why should I be the one to apologize to people who have been horrible to me? Why should I go to them when they aren’t willing to come to me?

This is why r/workreform is a corny subreddit. You leave so someone else can get disrespected? No, you organize that place and overthrow that shit.

I thought about liking this on LinkedIn, but figured that was too passive aggressive. I wrote the quote down though. I may need to include it in my letter of resignation.

Yep. Life is too short to put up with disrespectful assholes at work, or anywhere else for that matter.

The sad thing is, if others don’t know their worth, other people will drag you down and you can do nothing as a single person about it, this is why unions are so important and everyone should participate. Am not from the States but this applies to most capitalist countries I think.

Or if you make it so losing you would disrupt the entire operation, you get to take the table with you

I did. I respectfully gave my 2 weeks. I gave them an exit interview. I gave them more leaving then they ever gave me my entire time with them.

u/silverback2267 – How did you come across this pic? It’s from my insta and it’s private. I took the pic of that quote from the book. Very curious

I get what it’s going for. I really do. But this sounds like something a Karen would scream while berating a 17 year old server so they feel better about not leaving a tip.

It’s tough walking away. I’ve been at my current job for eight years, enjoy what I do, have a good boss and work with great people, but upper management has just been piling on the work these past two years and barely hiring enough people to skate by.

My last day is Friday. I don’t want to leave, but my hand has been forced. A coworker of mine left a year ago and is bringing me along to her new place. I plan to bring as many of my coworkers with me as I can, too.

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