This tiny girl with her doggy

This little lady with her pet dog

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Its first form is just a dog, sure. The second its health bar gets low that good boy is probably going to grow wings and another head.

This reminds me of fluffy, Hagrid’s pet from the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Does it climb the roof and return to stone in the daytime? I mean, does she ride it into town? How much Tren 75 can you give a dog? So many questions.

Reminds me of the hellhound from Ghostbusters. Imagine the burglar who breaks into that house to see that at the other end of a dark hallway. Better than ADT!

His name is King Baloo from a kennel in the UK called TigerBulliesUK. He’s big and pretty but he’s too wide to function in my opinion. He walks so uncomfortably in videos I’ve seen

it looks so unhealthy…. it’s prolly got hip dysplasia so bad it can barely run a block w/o having to take a break.

Only terrifying thing about this is that a dog is breed to be like that. Poor animal, shame on humans.

That dog is mostly likely very messed up, you could probably easy out run it due to the amount of constant human alterations they did to this dog. It’s kinda sad in a way.

They even make competitions out of “*who has the buffets dog”*.

Absolute scumbags who breed XL dogs like this on purpose so their thick as fuck owners can compare dogs with other dregs of society.

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