This is why I am a liberal gun owner. This is at a Las Vegas conceal have course.

This is why I am a liberal gun owner. This is at a Las Vegas conceal carry class.

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Ah, that’s good old fashioned American racism right there.

I hope this guy gets an accidental discharge to his genitals. You can tell him I said that.

If this class is hosted by some place, or sponsored by some organization, it should be reported to them.

This is probably a shit CCW class, but an absolute masterclass in how to lose one’s job. Fucking wild that people like this still exist.

So, I couldn’t see the whole thing with all slides, but the slide making fun of white people was ridiculously mild and more kind of dumb (nose picking, wearing wife beaters), where the slide on black people openly went for racist tropes (chicken grease), right wing talking points (blaming white people for everything) and hateful images (always aim for kids). I grew up on racial comedy, I’ve laughed my ass off at jokes about whites and blacks that were biting social observation, and I’m sure as hell not someone who yells racist over bullshit “micro aggressions”, but the black slide here wasn’t funny, though it got the laughs from the white crowd. Good racial humor gets everybody laughing, both at themselves and others. This was just bullshit. Throwing the mildest possible jokes in about one group and going racist tropes on another hardly makes things “even.”

What the actual fuck? There’s not even an exuse for context here… At first I thought it was just the image, which is bad enough by itself, but the text is so much worse. That’s a *proud* racist who put that together…

Edit: apparently it was one slide from a presentation that apparently made fun of multiple races, so I guess there is some important context. Still…. like, this isn’t even funny. It’s just a bunch of lazy negative stereotypes. I’m all for pushing the boundaries of comedy, but it seems entirely unnecessary to include a bunch of racist bullet points in a conceal and carry course, even if the goal was ironic humor, or whatever.

This is why I Facebook stalk places that offer training to make sure I’m going to be welcome but also to make sure I’m giving my money to someone who regards everybody as a human being of equal value. If Facebook doesn’t work I’ll come on subs like this and ask for help. No reason to spend hard earned money on people like this.

Also, I have a feeling with all the stuff that went with the event; the black people in the audience probably think the same way as the slides. The Hershel Walker types.

Oh god, this whole event is just [one giant virtue signal](

>Join us for a one-of-a-kind event where you can get your CCW for 60% off—in style! The mass CCW event will be held at the state-of-the-art performance hall at the Clark County Library on East Flamingo. Some of the benefits you will enjoy include:

> * Enjoy Free Renewals for Life and never pay for your course again

> * Get your CCW from the top rated CCW instructor in Clark County—Nephi Khaliki

> * Get a free RangeTime® session from

> * **Enjoy a historic CCW event that sends a clear message about our rights**

> * VIP meet and greet with special guests

> * Be a part of music history as a part of a major pro-2A music video.

> * Get a free “We Love Our Guns” t-shirt

Really… a fucking music video?

I’m left as hell and I do have guns (not a gun fan they’re just another tool) but it’s shit like this, that makes me wish Covid took out more of those fuckers on the wrong side of the fence. They don’t deserve oxygen, much less access to firearms. Swap their magazines for tubes of horse dewormer and cups of piss to swill. Jesus fucking christ this set me off.

Make a complaint to the state about their course. I’m pretty sure they have to be state-certified to be able to give state-approved concealed carry permit training.

What in the ever living fuck did I just read? The fact that this 12-year-old edge lord mentality is coming from someone people are relying on to get conceal carry permits AND the idea of the type of person who would even get a permit from him just fills me with a sense of dread.

Treating the whole thing like a Vegas circus / standup comedy act makes me feel sick. Edited to add – saw the link to his “act” with a bunch of Republicans laughing it up. Now I feel really awful.

Y’all are making me want to hung my instructors who were kind and respectful to everyone and went above and beyond to help everyone, even explaining to me what the best guns were for my arthritis issues.

And safety, safety, safety. They were cool guys, but they didn’t turn the whole thing into some sort of hardy har har carrying guns is funny, and making fun of people is funny too. JFC.

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