this is the new way

this is the new way

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Well in terms of numbers you’d be correct. There are way more gamers with potential steam accounts than rich families.

I’d rather get an inheritance and buy all the games I could ever want, but maybe that’s just me?

EDIT: Adjusted wording.

Word of advice: Buy games on GOG if available. They come DRM free, and you can download the games and play them without a launcher, yours to own forever. Your Steam library will only last as long as the Steam servers are up. If there ever comes a time where Steam closes down, say goodbye to everything.

I asked about listing it on our will when we were in the lawyer’s office. The wife shut me down.

I wonder if Steam would recognize a steam account as part of an inheritance and would merge two accounts on those grounds.

Hey, at over 600+ games, my library will make one of my descendants very happy lol. It will become tradition to pass down the familial steam account

My grandkids are gonna be so proud when they open up my steam and see the entire Senran Kagura catalogue.

I’ll probably get downvoted for even mentioning NFTs, but this is what they are actually for, not stupid monkey pics.

There’s a Steam alternative called Ultra whom will be issuing game licenses as NFTs when you buy them.

What this means, is that the NFTs for your games library can be traded freely, either selling them once you are done playing them, or gifting them to your kids/friends when you die.

On top of this, whenever you sell a game, the developer will collect a small portion of the transaction.

NFTs can be useful when they’re used right.

Tips for passing down a steam account when I suddenly die? I don’t want my stranges to go to waste.

Not gunna lie, my steam account is one of my top 10 most valuable assets. Up there with my audible account. It’s, like, Home > Retirement account(s) > Car > Steam Library > PC 😀

I’m pretty sure we’ll see a law demanding switch to biometrics to avoid account inheritance. Probably lobbied by Netflix.

My kid will see all the henti games his old man use to play and understand what a miracle his birth was

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