This is receiving actually sad now

This is having seriously unhappy now

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If there is one profession they need to pay more it is teachers. It takes a lot to have to both teach these little monsters and deal with the ridiculous parents nowadays. $32,800 doubled
wouldn’t even cut it for me

How are we gonna keep future tax payers ignorant, dumb and malleable? Make sure the teachers are underpaid, under supported, and disrespected? (High five’s everywhere) /s 😢

Thank your local republican (at least here in Florida) they leach money off the budget for charter schools and the money the state lottery brings in just offsets what they have removed from the budget most years.

(Oh look it’s my cake day)

I had to go to college and obtain an AAS degree just to make $15.00 hr. A kid still in high school can make that and more now.

I’m a school custodian and I make $11 an hour. They can’t hire anyone because McDonald’s starts out at $12 here and Walmart is $14. This district started me at $9.75. $0.10 yearly raises(bumped up a dollar for going from night shift to lunch shift)! Whoooo! I get paid less than the poor soul who stands at the self check outs..

Dang… Guess I got some thinking to do…

EDIT: aww shucks, thanks for the gold. I do it for the students. I feel that even though the job mostly sucks, it is still my job and I must do it well. When we had COVID protocols it was a pain in the ass and a lot of extra steps but I chose to see it as my responsibility to give these kids a safe and clean place to learn and be kids in. Which I still do. I put in effort every day and I smile at the kids and try to be helpful. My areas are clean and teachers know me by name. It ain’t much but it is truly honest work.

Bro, if teachers were paid what they deserve, the world would be a paradise for us and hell for the richest people. It’s impossible to take advantage of a very well educated populace. Even our votes would lead to better outcomes.

I found out a individual I used to take care of in a group home is making 15 bucks a hour at McDonald’s. I do security at a college, we have to be first responder, mental health crisis responders and over all babysitters for 1,200 plus students. I don’t even get paid 15 and hour

Used to barback at a popular bar/nightclub. Made 8.50 an hour plus tips. Averaged $150 on Friday night in tips, $200 on saturday in tips, anywhere from $50 to $100 during the weekdays. Bartenders were pulling $300 – $500 every busy night

Exactly why I quit teaching after 11 years. At least my Master’s in Education was already paid for with a fellowship (undergrad, too). I cannot imagine being a teacher where student loans or the yearly tuition is more than they will make yearly. Such a national travesty.

I was a teacher for one year and immediately recognized how the pay was unfair for the work load and treatment. One of my other friends has a masters in her field and taught at a university and made the bare minimum to cover her rent. Her husband made enough for food. Then they literally cut her pay in half for the spring semester, she walked away. The educational system in the United States is pathetic.

If teachers have to take second jobs to make ends meet, then that is society telling them they’re not respected, and you can be damn well sure the kids know that.

How can you teach children who know you’re not worth respecting?

Guess we need some special military operations in our schools so that the government will give them funding.

Our economy does not reinvest the payoff from good education back into education. It goes to fossil fuel subsidies and CEO bonuses. Privatize the profits, socialize the costs. That why. That’s all there is to it.

For older people trying to relate… that is like having two masters degrees and coming out of college in 1993 to earn $16,400.

Fucking appalling.

Our local county spending for schools went up from 500m to over a billion dollars in one year budget. Not one teacher got a raise. Wonder where the money went 🤦🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

I really do think people should stop accepting jobs for that low.

Maybe a few years of not enough schools then forcing people to homeschool would make the jobs pay more.

Without getting into specific numbers I quit my teaching job for an operations/management job that had lower entry level requirements. It’s half as hard for double the pay.

Pay teachers more.

“There’s a reason why education sucks and why it’ll never get fixed…They don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that. That doesn’t help them. Thats against their interests. Thats right. They don’t want people who are smart enough to sit around a kitchen table to figure out how badly they’re getting fucked by a system that threw them overboard 30 fucking years ago. They don’t want that. You know what they want? They want obedient workers. “ – George Carlin

I don’t teach as a profession. However I volunteer with a couple of school systems running after school programs. I’ve had three former students decide they wanted to be teachers.
After getting their degrees and getting teaching jobs, EVERY ONE of them quit within three years and got in to a different profession.
Based on the way that administration, parents and students treated them, combined with the meager compensation. I can’t blame them

I pay entry level warehouse workers more than that.

The job requirements are a pulse and the ability to follow simple instructions.

Imagine going to school, getting 2 masters degrees and making less money than a dude that tapes boxes closed all day.

I wonder about this. Mississippi—the poster child for treating education like a waste bin—starts public school teachers with a bachelor’s degree at $37,000/year. I wonder….did the person in the tweet calculate a 9 month salary over 12 months? Or is it an old tweet? I’m not saying teachers don’t get paid enough—at all. I am, however, sick and tired of reading any old thing that meshes with my worldview and having absolutely no evidence attached to it. Like, I want to be mad at whoever is paying teachers $32,800 annually but….is anyone actually doing that?

The bartender and the teacher should both make a living wage, so that’s why I don’t like this

No, our priorities are correct because we see this as an issue. However our elected officials want to keep us fucking stupid.

I’m a teacher… it is terrible… I think about driving off of the bridge on my way home from work everyday. I’ll never be able to afford a home, I can never fully take care of my family, and I’m just over it all. I’ve been doing this for 10 years and, when adjusted for inflation, I’m making less than I did in year 1.

So in California as a middle school counselor and I make mid 90,000, so I can’t complain too much about how much we get paid out here….. however I’ll never be able to buy a house here, sadly. However If I move I would get paid considerably less and I like to shop. So we rent and good thing we won’t be having kids, nothing to leave anyone!

I make more than that as a Youth Advocate at a crisis shelter, and I only have one year of experience :0

So I remember vividly for some reason. A teacher in Middle school telling me about how much she makes. With a masters degree it was $32,000 a year. That was in the 90s! So salary has BARELY CHANGED AT ALL. in 25 years!

This is getting ridiculous.

Hiring teachers with an hourly wage? That’s insane. When I worked in schools, we had annual salaries, that would include special events we had to attend during off hours.

My wife is maxed out on the scale (education and years experience) and receives longevity. She makes a little shy of $100k this year, her 28th year of teaching. I think she made about what you said her first year. In 1994.

Nobody tell him a lot of parents want teachers to act like slavery never happened and Nazis were ok dudes…

My mom was a teacher not just a teacher that clocked in a out. She was always doing extra work. She put together the school talent shows me, big Festival stuff like Halloween and Thanksgiving. She made a dunk both for one and the principal set in it.
This was a grade school. Me and my sister would pretty much have to stay with her at school until 5 or six. I was in a class of n Junior high it was basic shop class one of the students she taught who was disabled came to class and his project wasn’t done. The kid next to him started to help then I joined in after that the rest of the table. Teacher came up told us not to help because he won’t get help when his older. This kid was very disabled he will have help his whole life. When I told my mom she drove me to school the next day didn’t even park the car just turned it off in the drop off area went straight into the principals office I would have loved to be there. She put a lot of time and energy into those kids and didn’t get a lot in return.

Since the 80s when Reagan shifted the entire country to the right, republicans have slowly gutted every single social program they have managed to put their claws on, sabotaged all attempts to restore them or fortify the remaining ones, and will keep on doing so. An uneducated/under-educated electorate favors them.

In fact, that whole *bOtH pArTiEs ArE tHe SaMe!* mentality is a consequence of poor mental discipline (due in no small part to a subpar/under-stimulating education), plus digital information overload, not being able to distinguish maliciously divisive propaganda targeted straight at them.

For one side, republicans serve a *”libruls hate you, they hate America and they hate God!”* propaganda platter, for the other side they serve the *”bOtH pArTiEs ArE tHe SaMe!”* variety.

Both of these propaganda narratives gained traction for their respective targets and a life of their on. On autopilot.

I have EdD, two bachelor for education and i am paid minimum wage for teaching. A gardener make twice my annual.

Where are teachers getting paid hourly? I work in education and have never heard of that… not even for substitutes. Makes me wonder if this is BS

They want terrible teachers. They’ll be able to use it as a reason to privatize education and send tax dollars to corporations getting into the education business.

In San Francisco there are homeless teachers living on the streets cause they can’t afford housing but they still show up each day to teach. How messed up it that America.

In 2009, my mother was a teacher at my high school and had a master’s was working a PhD. She taught in a critical area, a science teacher, in Mississippi public school system.
After 2 years, she was on a “salary freeze” for the next 4 years. Even AFTER her PhD, she was only making 35-40k a year.
Medical issues made her leave, other wise I’m pretty sure she would still be teachering.

When I left teaching I was being paid exactly.that. 2008, after 20 years in Catholic school. We do not value our teachers.

That’s interesting. I literally had a teacher friend who quit and became a bartender. She said it’s less hours and over twice the pay.

Plus she has a bouncer to kick out people who are assholes to her. As a teacher she had to deal with them and their shitty parents.

Lol. Now break the amount down per kid per hour. Then break it down how many hour she will have to actually work to get everything done. Not just contracted hours. It’s like pennies per kid per hour. Lol.

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