This is a actual tweet built by a authentic U.S. representative

This is a real tweet created by a authentic U.S. consultant

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I love how representatives can just use made up terms “assault weapon” and then think they are the intelligent and rational one. Also why do we have to censor usernames when they are literally a public representative?

Never let a tragedy go to waste when you can use it to further infringe on constitutional rights!

And 55K fartsniffers felt the ungodly urge to like it. That’s what’s “absolutely gutting.“

This is very possible. Kids aren’t stupid they can understand that something bad has happened. I remember seeing the earthquake in Haiti as a kid and it made me so upset I wanted to help.

Find the post on Twitter and check out the comments. I defy you to find something else as entertaining.

The 4 year old has a better understanding of the situation that the father lol. It’s a “bad man” not a “bad assault rifle.” I literally can’t imagine being so stuck in a mindset that I refuse all logic in order to support my blame first victim mentality🙄

Let’s expose 4 year olds to spree murders. Excellent idea. (Assuming that this even happened)

Yet gov thinks the biggest problem in this country atm is a woman’s reproduction rights

It doesn’t matter what the fuck you try to ban…BAD GUYS WILL STILL GET THE WEAPONS THEY WANT TO COMMIT THESE HEINOUS CRIMES!!! The only thing that will stop this os a good guy with his gun!!!

Buffalo shooting – 10 dead, 3 wounded

Boston Marathon bombing – 3 dead, 264 injured

9/11 plane crashes – 2,983 dead, countless injured

Not counting the Vegas shooting, the top 10 deadliest shootings in USA average about 20 dead and 20 injured from semi automatic pistols and/or rifles (google: Mass shootings in the United States)

ban assault weapons…. but lets pray people dont look to worse options

I don’t get the meme, his 4 year old son face timing was weird but, is that the meme? is about the weapons? is there something about the people from there relevant that make it funny? I don’t know anything about that place

A weapon isn’t an “assault weapon” until it’s been used to commit an assault until then it’s just a weapon

1. Yeah, that happened.

2. Do dipshits like this not realize that banning weapons isn’t going to keep them out of the hands of people who intend to cause real harm regardless? Its like the only way they can think of to purchase or acquire something is through legal means. Its like the person who thinks “why would anyone lie on the internet?” but its “why would someone buy something illegally?” God damn.

Oh yeah bro for sure because everybody tells their 4 year olds about racially motivated murders

So many apologists for mass shooters here! Glad to know how supportive you all are of people’s right to murder!

i hate it when i agree with people who turn out to be stupid for unrelated reasons smh

Why not just make the punishment for these crimes EASY to prosecute instead of the laws benefiting the criminal .

The gun is not killing anyone
The criminal is. And until the laws are actually used as they were meant these people will continue to find loopholes to wiggle free.

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