This card for describing a piece of clinical machines to TSA/Protection.

This card for conveying a piece of healthcare equipment to TSA/Protection.

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My gf’s mom had one of these vests and it saved her life.

Doctor said he’d actually never seen one work, but was an insurance requirement.

Ah yes, one of those. Portable torture device – constantly alarm beeping, at least once every fifteen minutes. Never went off, never detected arrhythmia. Rep said they’d never seen someone with 8000+ alerts.

Can’t even fucking hear beeping without being reminded of the damn thing.

Had a quadruple bypass Aug 11 2021 at 36yo. Genetics and type 1 diabetes for 27 years really boned me. Anyway, I had to wear a life vest for 3 months postop. It sucked, but it helped with the anxiety, until it’s 3am and an electrode loses connection and the thing starts screaming at you. OR if you are moving quickly and it misunderstands and thinks your heart is being wonky and the alarm goes off and you’ve only got 30 seconds to “disarm” the damn thing.

17/10 would wear again should I need it. Lol

I had to wear one of those for awhile. It’s really not as scary as it seems. Thing is, chances are if it does need to go off you’ll already be unconscious. Getting my internal defib day after tomorrow

In my country the word “zoll” means either a joint or the act of smoking weed, which makes this very difficult to take seriously

Everyone in the comments talking about getting their pacemakers afterwards and I’m just sitting here on just meds like 😬

I dunno which is scarier, the sign or these comments.

> Bong bong bong bong, you have thirty seconds to comply, please do not resist.

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