This bar I went to experienced these on all the bathrooms in the bathroom.

This bar I went to had these on all the toilets in the bathroom.

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I’ve seen similar with an “Angel shot” AND there’s the famous 911 call who tried to “order a pizza” because she was being held hostage (and he was in the room).

Just sent this to my friend who is a bartender on the Vegas strip. He said in Vegas it’s called an angel shot. And the three variations still apply.

How does this work if you are just ordering that specific drink without the intention of being escorted to your car or whatever

I get how the neat or with lime one works. How does the one with ice work?

Who is paying for that Uber? Is the bar saying they cover it? Or is it “we have a bouncer separate you from the person and wait till your Uber comes”

My first reaction when I read stuff like that is always. Nice that there are good people out there.
My second is, it’s sad that stuff like this is necessary.

They should have different messages for the different bathrooms so no one is getting the other’s message (which of course is moot if they’re a gay couple, so maybe it’s not the best idea).

There’s a campaign by the police in England called ‘Ask for Angela’ or something to that extent. Similar thing, you’d ask the bartender for Angela if you need help, or escort or police. Pretty neat.

I do hope those are offered in both male and female bathrooms, obviously with different phrases.

I might be stupid here but isn’t it the same chance the aggressor see this as victim does? If everybody knows the code language doesn’t it make it useless?

Maybe I am missing something

A couple of weeks ago I saw a video on Spanish TV where they were interviewing the owner of a “feminist bar”which of course has a code of this kind, and it went like this:

– So, I need to ask, how many women have had to use this emergency code so far?

– Luckily, none of them.

– Really? That’s great! Nobody has had to use it?

– Well actually some men had used it because some women were harassing them.


Stop posting these online you fucking morons. Your fake internet points are worth risking someone’s safety.

This is a much more stupid version of a the same thing. This just changed the discrete name to Uber shot lmao, yeah no one wl think twice about that .

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