Theyve gotta be messing with us at this point..right?

Theyve gotta be messing with us at this point..right?

Theyve gotta be messing with us at this point..right?
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I always think it’s a shame because these people always seem to be so creative and artistically talented, like channel that into something more worthwhile than faking a disorder and you could actually get somewhere

Dude, these fakers- just make your picrews and post ’em, ITS OKAY TO DO THAT FOR FUN YKNOW?!?!

Seriously if you wanna make little avatars and name them and shit, be my guest! That’s fine! Just don’t go making up “GoatFucker, it/rat/UFOself pronouns, 3 year old autism holder” claiming it’s because you have DID

Honestly don’t understand these people

Bruh why is this the second time this week I’ve seen one of these where the one poc in the system is the only one going by *exclusively* it/its. Even the other few that do use it/its here have aux/alternate pronouns

But idk it’s sus when the token black alter is both the only one that *only* uses it/its and is a “BPD symptom/rage holder”. Just one angry black guy in the system that you refer to as “it”. Am I the only one that sees an issue???

Also how are you going to only have any designated autism symptom holder? If one is autistic they all are, it’s neurodevelopmental. It may present differently based on the alter but they will all meet the diagnostic criteria for autism or they are not autistic.

*I am so sick of seeing alters that claim neurological disorders that the others don’t have. i’ve seen a system where only one alter claimed to have narcolepsy I want to go home*

Ngl, this person has to have lost some marbles to even try to personify someone with an actual mental disorder. But I can say if these are their drawings, they’re a pretty good artist. Seems like they’re channeling their energy toward the wrong thing.

This is just confusing at this point. What are all the “roles”? Why do some alters have different conditions like BPD? How’s that possible? Whenever I see pics or videos like this I’m just like “Wtf??”

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