They counted them all

They counted them all

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Well, considering the side with 8 trillion bullets doesn’t know how to use them and will be waiting for JFK to raise from the grave to lead them… I think it is pretty obvious which side would win.

Right do they might have 8 trillion bullets but their army is full of inbred kids so it evens out

The abundance of “they don’t know which bathroom to use/which gender they are” etc etc is just so silly – we know, you just don’t like the answer

imagine if the states literally rose up from the earth and assembled into giant humanoids that literally fought each other

One side is full of dumbasses, and the other side is also full of dumbasses but progressive dumbasses

The north has: Industry, The Capitol, Most of the population, we don’t have texas, we have all the industry, we have the better economy. It would go the way of the civil war, the north wins.

Edit: when I say the north I mean the equivalent to the union.

One side has some of the brightest engineers and scientists the world has ever seen, the other one drinks bleach to cure a virus they think is fake.

Thank you for doing your part in keeping ppl fighting each other while the elite slowly kill us all.🙄

Not sure why we live in a society that is so prude they can’t piss in a urinal while a female pees in a stall. Lmao

If you broke states down purely by population without districts most states are blue. It’s why gerrymandering is a provable problem. Elections should be 100% vote for vote. Not 1 vote in montana outweighing 73 in California.

This guy should take a good hard look at how Ukraine is handing Russia its ass and ask himself how he thinks his Proud Boy losers would do after about ten minutes of trying to take Chicago 😂

Does this guy not get that he is describing terror attacks on Americans? When the perpetrators are hauled before a judge are they going to defend murder with Fox News sound bites?

Imagine flexing about having made public restrooms a political issue in response to a problem that doesn’t exist.

We actually tried this one time. It’s called the civil war. Didn’t go well for the side with “8 trillion bullets.”

Daily reminder that trans people actually DO know which bathroom to use, they just have to choose between getting beat up if they don’t use it or accused of sexual assault if they do (I use these two examples because statistically, it is most often trans women who face these issues, though I acknowledge that trans men also face discrimination that shouldn’t be ignored)

blue states make all the money. good luck putting food in your insurgents’ bellies with no cash or supply chain.

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