There have been 9 closing day showdowns in the historical past of the Premier League, and until eventually now the staff that begun on leading ended up successful the title. Even though we don’t have entire command on the closing table, let us adjust our hopes and expectations for Sunday, and delight in this marvelous trip.





A wander through the 9 situations :

## 1994/95 – BLACKBURN (89 details before last sport, Last match: Liverpool away), Man UTD (87, West Ham away)

**Benefits: Liverpool 2-1 Blackburn, West Ham 1-1 Male Utd. Champions: Blackburn**


## 1995/96 – Male UTD (79, Middlesbrough absent), NEWCASTLE (77, Tottenham household)

**Outcomes: Middlesbrough -3 Guy Utd, Newcastle 1-1 Tottenham. Champions: Man Utd**


## 1998/99 – Male UTD (76, Tottenham household), ARSENAL (75, Villa residence)

**Outcomes: Guy Utd 2-1 Tottenham, Arsenal 1- Villa. Champions: Guy Utd**


## 2007/08 – Guy UTD (84, Wigan away), CHELSEA (84, Bolton home)

**Benefits: Wigan -2 Guy Utd, Chelsea 1-1 Bolton. Champions: Gentleman Utd**


## 2009/10 – CHELSEA (83, Wigan property), Guy UTD (82, Stoke residence)

**Benefits: Chelsea 8- Wigan, Male Utd 4- Stoke. Champions: Chelsea**


## 2011/12 – Guy City (86, QPR property), Guy UTD (86, Sunderland away)

**Results: Male Metropolis 3-2 QPR, Sunderland -1 Person Utd. Champions: Person City**


## 2013/14 – Guy Town (83, West Ham dwelling), LIVERPOOL (81, Newcastle household)

**Outcomes: Man Metropolis 2- West Ham, Liverpool 2- Newcastle. Champions: Male Town**


## 2018/19 – Gentleman City (95, Brighton absent), LIVERPOOL (94, Wolves home)

**Benefits: Brighton 1-4 Man City, Liverpool 2- Wolves. Champions: Guy Town**


## 2021/22 – Guy Town (90, Villa residence), LIVERPOOL (89, Wolves household)


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34 replies on “There have been 9 closing day showdowns in the historical past of the Premier League, and until eventually now the staff that begun on leading ended up successful the title. Even though we don’t have entire command on the closing table, let us adjust our hopes and expectations for Sunday, and delight in this marvelous trip.”

Well it pleases me to know that Liverpool will be the first to change that (hopefully) 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

And the last 2 times have been Shitty beating us to it… At least we’ll have Big Ears over them

Edit: amount

So by Bookies estimate, there’s a 10% chance we get the upset.

This will be the 10th time???

Coincidence …. I think not.

Does anyone know if the 15m bonus clause in Grealish’s contract is true? The clause that says if he wins an EPL in season 1 then city pay villa 15m…. I heard it’s true – but surely that’s collusion and illegal if so?!?

No need to adjust our “hopes and expectations”, they are not the same

Hope.. that city draw or lose to villa and we win

Expectation.. city thrash villa

What’s to adjust?

All I want is for liverpool to win the last two games of the season. Whatever that ends up meaning for the title so be it

I can hear Pep’s tinkering brain in overdrive. When he lets City play their normal game they more often than not win. But when he starts to overthink it, like every big CL game, then it has the potential to go tits up. We live in hope.

Villa play their last home game on Thurs night. They’ll be on the beach and City will be fired up. I’d be shocked if City score less than 4, let alone Villa actually getting anything. An early red card would make things interesting. I’m struggling to come up with a scenario where anything other than a big City win happens.

Lets hope a little. I am personally blocking all Notification of other match.
I wanna just watch our match, all we can do is play beautifully and win our last match.
Rest is on Destiny

I mean, we’re also the only team to lose the title after being on top on Xmas…. Multiple times. Something’s got to fall in our favour eventually.

There’s a first time for everything. Trophy or not, it’s a hell of a season we got to enjoy.

Some of those points totals eh!? It’s a travesty that this team has been brought together at the same time as the biggest cheats in the game.

If you said we would be within sniffing distance of the quadruple at the beginning of the season, I would have had you sectioned. Unbelievable achievement from the chaps! Arguably one of the greatest season a team has ever had.

At the end of the day I’m happy with what they have achieved so far and I’ll happily take 2/4 or 3/4

We ARE known as the side that just keeps breaking records and setting new standards, just sayin…

It’s done. The titles coming to Merseyside. Mark my words Villa are gonna draw 2-2 at City. Fernandinho centre back will shit his kacks. Don’t @ me

Agreed, have no expectations.. it’s not like man city have a history of bottling it in crunch situations …

Just the fact that we played every possible game this season and have kept the quadruple alive until the final day is pretty astounding. Hoping for a miracle but even without the league this has been an extraordinary season

With this team, anything is possible. “1st team to overcome a final day deficit” will probably just be dumped in with the other record breaking feats.

At this point, the team has surpassed all expectations. Whatever happens, this is already a great, great season. 18-May and still in with a shout of 2 titles with 2 already in the bag.

What more can you expect of them?

Difference is Man City.

They go into CL knockout stages on top and come out 2nd best.

With that being said Villa are obviously different calibre to Real Madrid or Chelsea but they gave us a bloody tough game last week. Albeit at home.

Gerrard, Coutinho and Ings will want this massively with redemption stories for the first two.

Villa players will want this massively too regardless of associations – a win can’t get much better than stopping your opponents winning silverware.

Opponents of which are probably on 2-4x their salary and all the whilst getting abuse from City fans the whole game.

I think the general feeling amongst Villa fans and probably players was that they couldn’t really fault Grealish for moving on. I wonder whether theres any additional desire there though… stopping a player that left from winning a trophy (sure they’re all likely friends though).

Okay, but how many of those final days has the opposition team playing the title winners had any motivations to beat them?

Not only are Gerrard, Coutinho and Ings gonna wanna get a result for Liverpool, but I’d imagine all the Villa lads will be determined to make a statement by stopping Grealish winning the title

Win or lose I’m so proud of what this Liverpool side have done this season. two trophies in the bag, a chance for another PL title and a champions league final to look forward to. Odds are against us to do the quadruple but I’ve seen Liverpool overcome the impossible time and time again, come on the reds!

>Results: Liverpool 2-1 Blackburn, West Ham 1-1 Man Utd. Champions: Blackburn

So what you’re saying is… Liverpool will win, and Manchester will draw… I see..

We’ve won two cups, are in the champions league final, lost I think three games in all comps, and have taken a title race that looked done in January to the last day.

Anyone moaning if City don’t slip up on Sunday needs their fucking head checked.

It took a lot fewer points to win the league than recent years. Unlucky that this side exists at the same time as this Man City side. I think Man United got above 90 points once under Ferguson. The treble winners got 79 points and we got nearly 20 points more in 18/19 and still didn’t win it. Now that would just be enough for top 4.

The more frequently you run a scenario the more likely it is that you will eventually get an unlikely outcome… maybe…

If City lose it from here then their season on a whole would go down as the biggest choke in sporting history given how expensive their team is. Hopefully this gets in their heads.

Whenever I see statistics like this, I can’t help but think “that streak will end at some point, though”. I’m not holding my breath, but who’s to say this weekend isn’t where the nine ends?

I remember in the bar watching LFC and that Jamie Redknapp free kick, it was sort of mixed emotions but glad it turned out for Blackburn and King Kenny at the end

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