The Viral Podcast Ep. 34

Chelcie Lynn & Paige Ginn converse about carrying out superior, discipline of lotions, complimenting pectorals, feeding on bugs or tossed salad, the viral gender reveals, meals allergy symptoms, bushy holes and significantly much more!!

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Thank you so much for listening!

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49 replies on “The Viral Podcast Ep. 34”

The lady who called in crying about feeling depressed even though she is blessed, she is worried like the rest of us at the path this country and the whole world is taking. It's very scary if you are keeping up with it. Mothers are hunting down baby formula, gas prices keep getting higher and the inflation if thru the roof. That would make anybody depressed unless you're rich but eventually this pinch will also meet the rich. We all have to have food and energy.

I can relate to the girl who called with depression and feeling sad and anxiety except only difference is she has people who love her and i don't. I have noone. The only thing that cheers me up anymore is this podcast,music and video games. Thank you for what y'all do you make me laugh through my tears and i appritiate you guys. Love you hunnies oh yeah!!! 💜💜💜💜💜

I was laying in bed this morning not wanting to get up then realized it was Wednesday-eyes instantly opened lol! Then was extra surprised to see a mukbang & Libbie also has a new one up from the Tammy tour so my Wednesday was turned around after that! Love u all !!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hey hunnies, soap user here. But I am sure that there are those like Paige who are perfectly clean and not stinky, even when they don't use soap. People's odors are different and some are stronger than others. Bottom line: Do what works for you and if someone tells you your pussy stinks, tell them, "thanks, I've been working on acquiring this smell for weeks" with a huge smile on your face and a wink in your eye. 😉

I have some stuff we need to talk about. I be calling you soon! Hope I make it on the pod! Oh and I flew from Alaska to Reno for Hall and Oates! Amazing! Oh shit brought back all those memories of High school, and fucking. Ohhh Yeahhh! Bye Hunnies!

You reminded me of a trip I took to Cancun with a girlfriend of mine and they had a nude beach and we had never experienced that before and I remember as soon as we got to our hotel room we got into our swim suites and took off to that beach and when we got there we realized we were the only ones there and took off all of our clothes including the swim suites and got into the ocean and I was like, "OMG, I hate to sound like a dork but I feel like I'm one with nature" and she said, "Not a nerd I feel the same".

My X husband was allergic to the cold and he told me that when we were dating and one day we went to one of his friends house and they had a swimming pool and when he got in the pool and got out he got the chills because the wind was blowing and he broke out in hives.

Alright y’all, listen. I washed with soap for YEARS down there. For years. I thought it was what we were supposed to do, right? Then I started getting frequent yeast infections like Paige mentioned (btw unrelated but I swear Paige and I are freakin twins we like the same weird shit and do the same weird shit). I also had other shit going on down there too and after some research and talking to others I learned the BEST thing to do for our girl down there is to wash her with water and THATS IT👏 Soap throws our PH balance all out of whack, which is why you get infections, odor, etc. So you gotta stick to just washing with water and let your PH get back to normal and you stop having those problems!

I use to dress all hoochie momma when I was younger and one day when I was over that phase of style, I bagged up all of my hoochie clothes and gave them to one of those clothing and shoes box for charity and I was imagining all of these homeless people walking around in those clothes and it made me LOL; not that they were homeless but they were dressed in hoochie clothes.

Hey hunnies❤️✌️, i just wamna say thank you for making me feel its okay to be myself and free my titties. God has put yall and this podcast in my life to make me feel happier and confident. I can relate to so much thru you guys!!!❤️❤️❤️ UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa ❤️❤️✌️

I'm with u and Maggie on the soap thing! I can't imagine not washing my puss and butthole with soap! No hate to those who don't but I don't see how they can't smell… I know it's gotta get dusty, musty, and crusty… It's got to!

Also Paige I noticed you slipped in a grounding reference. Love it. I’ve been grounding/earthing for the last 18 months and for the first time in my life my mental and physical health is finally improving. I had so many digestive problems, hormone issues, metabolic issues, allergies, depression, anxiety…. I could do on. I tried everything for 12 years and things only got worse until I put my bare feet on the ground every day. 10/10 would recommend.

I’ll probably get banned for this but there’s a reason everyone is getting sicker and sicker… ya gotta stop trusting people who make money off your illness, ya’all.

Your 5ft11 Chelcie! That’s awesome, u ARE one tall glass of woman! My sisters are both 5ft11 and 6ft…I’m only 5ft8 🙁 but hey! Shoutout to all the tall ladies out here, I’ve only met a few tall old ladies in my day…and they all tend to be pretty spicy and full of spark!

Yeehaw ! I already went on my walk today…I listen to this pod or a few others I like, (this is my favorite) I live in the middle of nowhere…it’s awesome..I walk to the river, I have a rock I sit on under a tree and I smoke a bowl! I’ll do some squats, pushups, and laugh my arse off! Thanks y’all for keeping me company…y’all are awesome! 🌲🦅🌲

"Build it and they will cum."
Chelcie Lynn's Field of Creams
Dedicated to the rockfuchers

Go, Brett!

P.S. Cameron from Colorado:
Hey, hunnies….we hear you, girl.🌺
Thinking of you!
Do you have a karaoke 🎤 machine, sweetheart?
Using your voice to heighten your vibration–maybe try it.
Also writing, gardening, volunteer for our elders, swimming, darts🎯, line dancing and weightlifting…..
Best to you ⭐

I heard thick and black. It made me throb immediately. I know it's not what the reference was however it's trigger words for me. Always makes me hrny. Y'all are magical ✨️ Hey hunnies love yous here. Hope yall can tour in the state of Delaware. We can do it up. Bring The Crew!

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