The United States Redrawn as Fifty States with Equal Inhabitants

The United States Redrawn as Fifty States with Equivalent Population

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I wonder what the Senate composition would look like with that set up. Which states would lean red or blue?

What were you starting points for drawings the divisors? And some of the names are very understandable – other idk. Any clarifications on those? Pretty cool map either way!

Oh, I remember this!

For some reason a bunch of people on the right didn’t get it that this was just some guy’s idea and thought that this was a a super secret Obama plot to get around the EC, so there was about a week long right wing freak out over this map

Temecula in da house

Edit: woah woah woah, Temeculans in this thread please chill. Be excellent to each other.

Edit: it should be named Jean Luc since the last episode of TNG was partly filmed here at Callaway

One problem with this map is that the state of Chicago is surrounded on land on all sides by the state of Gary. This will cause shenanigans

You’re telling me that I would have to be in the same state as **BOSTON?!?!?**

Literal Dystopia

Seen this before, ☆☆☆☆☆
PHoenix could be named Gila for the river
Love that southern new England doesn’t get mashed in w Boston or NYC

Eveytime this is posted i always wonder if the original creator is just trolling with “Gary” lmao

Yeah, I was born in Nodaway, but we moved to Newark when I was less than a month old and I mostly grew up in Throgsneck, so I consider myself a New Yorker.

Hawaiians, and I suppose also Alaskans, would hate this. Hawaii might as well be a different country, presently, so I can’t imagine them *ever* agreeing to being locked to the politics and populace of the mainland in a manner where they are not the key deciders in state level decisions.

Fun map, I just think that maybe not the best in reality (obviously).

I do enjoy it whenever this old gem pops up. Although I don’t think Seattle and Portland would mesh very well with the more libertarian enclaves of southern Oregon and way-way-northern California. And having lived in Champaign-Urbana, I don’t think I’d be the only one to chafe at its placement in Maumee rather than Sangamon. But, eh, everybody’s got their gripes based on cultural fit.

I cannot explain to you how deeply, profoundly bad some of these name choices are.

If you try to put Reno in “Mendocino” there’s gonna be guerrilla warfare.

Why is ***none at all*** of the Big Thicket National Preserve in Big Thicket?

In other news, I don’t think Big Thicket is a good name for the area labeled as such.

“So yeah Michigan not only will you be giving the UP to Wisconsin, as God intended, but you will also cede half of the lower peninsula too.”

“Uh ok.”

“Oh and much of the lower half will be going to Ohio.”

“Shitty. What do I get to keep?”



Born and raised in Tidewater does sound better than born and raised in South Carolina. Moved to Atlanta stays the same.

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