The Surprising Truth of the matter About Gran Turismo 7 Roulette (It&#39s Worse Than We Thought…)

This time I Definitely take a look at Gran Turismo 7 roulette and…..the success are incredibly astonishing!


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"You don't know what's going on" quote on quote. But we do. Its small thing call micro transaction. And you guys are part of it by supporting this sub par so called simulator. I feel ao guilty that I started love car games with original Gran Tourismo 25 years ago and now I can't stand it because of there EA style incremental updates and greed. Whereas all other sims have jumped ahead leaps and bound the so called real driving simulator is following sim cade with micro transactions with support from influencers like many of you.

I opened a 5 star and a 3 star the other day. lamborghini invitation and 5k credits. I already owned the Lambroghini so out of both tickets I walked away with 5k cr

I have been playing the game since released and im about 80% done the entire game. I golds in every race but one just working on the missions now and I have yet to get a motor swap and because of the roulette system to get parts I have told people not to purchase this game.

Right so if F1 had the drivers champioship and manufactories championship. For the most part the drivers championship is good, maybe just make the people who decide on penalties be a bit more far but other than that, i would say for the most part points and the person who wins the race gets the most points. As far as the manufactures championship goes i would say that the winner of the manufacures championship gets to supply engines to the F2 and F3 series. that maynot work but then again if everyone races on the same engine that could work but you know what ever, it is pretty interesting thing. also there is the fact that many times racers just don't want to commit to going fast, which is weird. I don't really care who wins the manufactures championship, i like Lewis, I like Rossi, I like Marc, I didn't like when Marc hit Rossi, but then again i felt like that was sort of the passing of the torch, but then again that may of been scripted, but that would really suck, and then the really would be that at that level what do you expect, they are fast and they get paid alot of money, they don't care. They would care if the machines and races were actually dangerous, but you know they aren't really. it is scripted, it is all scripted, just nicely organized and placed, and if you don't beleive me look at the 2021 F1 results, or the fact that the Marc and Rossi battle ended with Maverick getting a championship, another yamaha, another yamaha, two orders maybe, but either way what are you going to do, you know you may hate Catholotism, or religion in generally, but i think they have a point, being honest, telling the truth, that can make things not just feel good, but actually be good. AI would just conserve energy they wouldn't actually care about doing something that is one of the law of physics, why would a digital entity disobey a law of physics. Who would know more about me than me, who would understand my journal better than me, Ducati's make great street bikes, because they are faster than anything on the street, they look good and sound good and the street fighter is a great balance of performance and daily ride ability. Track bikes need to be cheap and easy to use, and durable, the kawasakia 636 is a great bike like that, the honda 1000rr sp is a great bike, not too much power, but the brake feel is fantastic and the build quality is fantastic. Aprillas are ok, but the dealer network is horrible. Unless you are in Europe or in LA or in an extremely dense urban area the reality is there just isn't that many aprillas or aprilla dealers. I would get a KTM superduke, I would get a BMW s1000r or BMW s1000rr. Commode is french for toliet, the king of staten island is an extended version of the weeknds king of the fall video, that movie had not black people, the idea of competetion compete to win and the winner gets the spoils. aleins black holes two downs and an up quark is a neutron and two ups and a down quarks make a proton, and those are all the building blocks of atoms including electrons and then those make up matter and so on. I think the keyboard is gray and el gray el camino, lana del ray, i watched the hookah, loop dog, shoop hop hip.

I’ve been able to hit X right before the item that I really want and it will give me that item and if not it will sometimes be something different than the lowest amount. It’s worth all of you guys playing around with it and seeing what you come up with.

Slot machines work the exact same way. (Sorry if that ruins gambling for you). I would be more OK with it (even if predetermined) if the amount of spots represented the odds correctly. Like if there 100 tiny coin slots 10 medium and one 'jackpot' spot for each car for example. This is what I think is wrong if we knew the odds were more obviously skewed it wouldn't seem deceptive.

Based on my experience with gacha-type of games, lower rarity rewards always have way bigger rate than higher rarity rewards. In Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage, for example, rewards in the gacha (something like roulette or lootbox) are grouped into three; Rare (87%), Secret Rare (10%), and Super Secret Rare (3%). Here, it's clear that R rarity has way bigger probability than SR and SSR, so players end up getting R most of the time.

I believe this is the trick Polyphony Digital uses here. Small coins have way bigger probability than the rest, even against bigger amount of coins. What sparks the problem here is Polyphony presented the roulette as if all 5 rewards have the same probability, while in fact it isn't, and they won't show the numbers no matter what.
This is different from gacha games where the numbers are clearly stated in an easily accesible page within the game, thus having some degree of transparency.

What a sneaky move.

Take my words with a pinch of salt. I assume, the probability of small coins is 90% or higher. The remaining 10% is distributed to other rewards in an uneven manner. Of course, this is a baseless assumption, so (once again I say) take my words with a pinch of salt.

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