The Supplemental

The Supplemental

Once upon a time, a visit to London’s Gatwick airport would produce a number of aircraft operated by the US supplemental carriers, in other words, those aimed at the charter market.

Examples included Overseas National, World, Capitol and to a lesser extent Saturn and American Flyers. However, Trans Interntional were a major operator in this market and later went on to introduce DC-10s. They ceased operations in September 1986, as their parent company, Transamerica, wanted to get out of the airline industry.

My photo shows -63CF N4867T slowing down on Gatwick’s runway, complete with vignetting, such a feature of that Soligor 200mm !

The aircraft was later re-engined whilst with the airline and after TIA’s demise found work as a freighter with both FedEx and UPS.

London Gatwick
14th July 1973

Praktica LTL, Kodachrome II

19730714 N05 N4867T adj clean std

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