THE SEE-By means of SLASHER: Batman Vs Predator – Explained

In 1991, Batman faced off versus the Predator in Dim Horse/DC’s initial depiction of Batman crossing about into the Alien Vs Predator Universe. The alien hunter’s “safari” in Gotham would demonstrate to be one particular of The Darkish Knight’s best issues…


ELLEN RIPLEY TIER OF EXCELLENCE: Lady Anne ^^ö^^(Jessica M Kandal, PhD)
WEYLAND YUTANI EXECUTIVES: NanashiFx, Nicholas Butta, Wesley A Weaver Jr.
QUEENS: Ronni Jensen, XenoShadowMorph, Alyssane, Grizz4756
WARRIORS: Kurt Venetis, Blockerman, Savanna Lamaison
DRONES: KuroNyra, Grace Ryder, Matthew Coleman, Yunners, Waya525

CHESTBURSTERS: Anne Mac, James Aponte, Rafael Aguila, Oliver, Stewart Crichton, Matt Bro, BWXenogears, Thomas Watvedt, Gregor Mundell. John C Jones, Sean Arme, Thomas J Gettings, Commodore Erickson, Tariq_RUH, Arkuras, Ambrosia. Undertaking Acheron, Robert Johnson, Axel R. Garcia, Adam LaZerte, David Hokanson, Mark Lennon


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Honestly, that might be one of the coolest batman stories ever. I always thought in concept that the Alien Vs would be a better story, you know Bats' brought to the very edge of his knowledge and skills, completely denied of tech and resources. But this was an absolutely badass story and imo the better of the two. Nicely done my man!

Predator Vs Batman was Brutally awesome, part 2 was Deeep af and I still have my copy of batman vs. Predator III where they killed mr Freeze's henchmen and two predators couldn't see him lol

Thank you! Very well narrated and audio edited reading of the comic. Those sounds bytes and bits add so much to it! Clearly a lot of effort went into it – job well done! Other stuff you have done this way made me subscriber. Really enjoy theese, keep the good work up!

not that I don't appreciate the dramatic reading…. but when I see a title like "blah blah blah explained" I assume that the video is just the thing being explained.
like a video detailing the history of the thing, its creation, influence/legacy, behind-the-scenes information, etc.
maybe two videos next time? or a different title? like "Dramatic Reading and some observations".
cool presentation though. great work.

Love crossover love d idea that every superhero's world can be connected so 1 day we could see (y not?) Ripley, Hicks, Bishop n' Newt fighting 4 freedom along with Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne 'n' Clarke Kent who knows …

Oh yes this story is such a treat! I always liked how batman out of all people reduced the predator honor system to an overly prideful showcase of violence. The predator in this story reflects that idea particularly well between not giving that boxer a chance for melee combat, and the pet killing. Add to the habit of more unique trophies and sadism, and the See through killer feels like he’s two steps away from being a bad blood.

I’ve been watching your channel for almost four years now, and I know I’ve probably said this many times over the years, but it still remains the same for me…
You have the best narrative voice for vids than anyone else. There’s something calming and yet keeps me on the edge of my seat listening.

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