The outcomes of driving with your Tesla door up.

The outcomes of driving with your Tesla doorway up.

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I don’t live in England, but I will always support much stricter entry & more frequent driving tests to hold a driver’s license. You can’t fix stupid. Idk how someone could be so oblivious to the world around them, I can only hope their punishment was harsh (I’m sure it wasn’t)

I always wonder how idiots like these are the ones that can afford stuff like this yet I’ve been breaking my back working for one year and I can barely keep my mom’s car going

That’s Southgate! Heading up towards the Asda from the tube station. Feels so weird to see something so local from a suburb of London randomly on Reddit.

I would be amazed that someone could do this, but my sister once backed a car out of a garage with a door open. The *driver’s* door…. Hit the garage door frame, bent some hinges.

( ) Opposite drive direction

( ) The most iconic public bus in the world

(x) Wait! How long ago the gallon was for that amount of US dollars?!

I love Reddit.

$6.39 per gallon is that fuel price for the americans exclaiming how cheap that is

Do keep in mind that **only** the USA uses imperial measurements, so everywhere else will be in litres

The real surprising thing here is being reminded that diesel was once £1.39 a litre 😐

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