The Next Refugees

The Subsequent Refugees

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Yeah, anyone who needs an abortion in Texas is gonna fly to California. Literally just shifted abortion so only the rich could have them.

Some of those States are now trying to go after those Refugees too.

Because “States Rights” means punishing people for things they did in other States.

I mean imagine being arrested/sued in your home State for gambling in Vegas because it was illegal in your home State.

I never got why the women were on board with the GOP. Like.. “please take away our right!” People deserve better than that

Someone in the GOP just admitted this is their intent. States that are leaning blue are changing social laws so the democrat and liberal people move away, thus keeping it red. Texas, Georgia, Florida…. There’s a trend.

It is truly astonishing that the GOP thinks they can make things/people that they don’t agree with disappear through legislation.

Women will just stop going to get an abortion because it’s illegal? LGBTQ+ people will suddenly just be heterosexual because they don’t like them?

Fuck’n cry baby bitches who can’t make everyone just like them so take away whatever they can to make others just as miserable as they are. FFS

Women should leave those states in droves. Drive down property values, leave empty apartment complexes in their wake, and let the incels turn on each other for the few red pilled women left behind.

Seriously, get out while you can.

Women of childbirth age would be well advised to move out of pregnancy slavery states while they still can.

This is why we should cut off all supplies including food from red states until they get out of the stone age.

Red states don’t want rich liberals moving in. They want to make it uninhabitable for the liberals. They want to keep their poors. So can keep states red.

I already will not move to a state that is enacting these kinds of laws, and I’m a guy.

I’m willing to bet that quite a few women who cross those state lines will have second thoughts about going back.

I am sort of looking forward to the day that all of those *very loud and very proud Christian heterosexual zealots* wake up and realize that their states are 65% male.

Baaa. 🐑

For their next trick, the StAtEs RiGhTs crowd will begin political and financial warfare with neighboring states where it’s still legal.

You can use the same meme for Civil Rights. Or Freedom. Or Education. Or Jobs. Or Equality. Or…

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