The Most important Problem Cord Cutters Are Going through in 2022

With the explosion of streaming services and equipment, the method of reducing the wire has grow to be frustrating for many Us residents. This is the #1 impediment that twine cutters encounter, according to Philo CEO Andrew McCollum. In modern video, I respond to a portion of my exclusive interview with McCollum and share tips to make the system of cutting the cord less difficult. See my phase-by-phase tutorial here:

Evaluate the most effective dwell Television set companies to change cable:

:00 The #1 Obstacle to Slicing the Wire
:31 Breaking Up With Your Cable Service provider
1:38 Streaming Equipment: What Do You Require?
3:11 How to Pick the Ideal Streaming Apps
4:48 My Cable Crushing Combo

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View my whole interview with Philo CEO Andrew McCollum: at?v=XXW4oxJhUKs

How to Enjoy Regional Channels Devoid of Cable:

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21 replies on “The Most important Problem Cord Cutters Are Going through in 2022”

We recently quit xfinity cable TV and phone.
We still had a contract remaining until this
september, but because we still maintained
internet, it was OK to do this and turn in the
equipment, get a new gateway and for $5.00
a month a higher gigabit speed at about a
$100.00 less a month than the old set up.
We are in a good reception area and receive
Over the air TV quite well with our own

Samsung TV with NVIDIA Shield TV Pro, for my living room; and a Insignia Fire TV for backporch (warmer months) or basement (colder months) both have antenna for live local channels, with free streaming services; plus paid on demand streaming services. I don't have a live cable like TV service, like YouTube TV, or DirectStream TV. Only live TV I want/need is news; and CBSN is a 24/7 streaming service for free.

To get local sports channels, Dodgers, Angels, Kings, Ducks, Lakers, Clippers, both MLS teams, and Pac 12 channel, Spectrum Cable TV and Internet bundle, is still cheaper than any of the streaming services.

Michael I'll tell you something interesting; you said there's no contracts with streaming, but I've noticed with my own Paramount Plus, hulu, HBO Max that on my membership profiles, when it's time to renew they only give me an annual price option not a monthly. I just renewed my Paramount Plus, but to be honest I wish I had just renewed it on a monthly basis. I just didn't have that option.

It’s not that damn complicated get the best internet service get a streaming device that you can add third-party apps too in extra storage Buy your own equipment your own modem and router and buy the best

If you know what service you want to use. And are willing to pay for an annual plan. Do so!

HBO Max with commercials annual plan after tax by the month


Hulu with commercials on the annual plan after tax by the month.


Prime video only by the month after tax.


My monthly cost comes out to less than $25 a month. 3 simultaneous streams each. And if you don't need local news or sports. It's a pretty sweet deal for the moment.

I have Sling TV for $35, and Fios internet with a year of Disney+ for $55. I add one more service as needed for one month at a time, like HBO Max. Look for occasional discounts. I recently had a free month of Paramount+.

Thanks, Micheal! I did the research! I asked the wife what she wanted. She's a news freak so I knew we needed cable news. We didn't need sports. So just those two points lead me to sling. I spent about 50 bucks on two Roku(s?) Which came with remotes (only have the IR Roku remote and a sound bar remote to deal with). The Roku smart phone app has a great Bluetooth remote.

Buy an antenna. Buy your own modem. Get a device-Roku,Firestick or Android device. Pick the services of your choice (Not a sports guy so I go with Philo and Hulu Basic).Get an HDHomrun to distribute your OTA throughout the house. Save in my case 136 dollars from 265 for Cable,internet bundle . YMMV.

Something that I recently did after watching some of your videos is I created a note with different streaming service combinations based on season for sports that I’d like to watch. For example one combination I came up with the NBA season is to do the sling orange and blue combo along with paying for Disney+. Right now with T-Mobile we get Paramount plus for free which covers CBS shows that I like to watch and since we are on the sprint part of T-Mobile we also get Hulu for free as well. When the NBA season is over we plan on switching to a combination of friendly TV along with Disney+ and keeping Hulu/paramount plus for free. As a bonus we also watch the Roku channel too.

We switched to Youtube tv and pay $65 a month. I left xfinity and saved a whopping $140 a month! YT tv has the same channels as xfinity. Switching was the BEST thing I ever did.

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