The Last Baby

A has-been rock star hosts horror movies in his haunted mansion. The gang look at “The Last Child” from 1971.

Episode 06-278 Airdate: 04–16-2022

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32 replies on “The Last Baby”

Such a fun episode. Tom sounds like a really interesting bloke and I loved his memorabilia. It's great to hear from the staff that help to make your show so wonderful. There's clearly a lot of love that goes into the making of this show. On a personal note I was pleasantly surprised to hear a letter read from comic book artist and publisher Jason Dube. I crossed paths with him back in 2007 when he did some work for me. I'm thrilled to hear that he still has the Scattered Comics website and YouTube channel going. Creature Features seems to have all the best people in it, including the fans. See y'all next week!

Oh darn it it almost worked to get her to talk. Cute head Easter tops. For Livingston so cute and the others too. Loved the movie though I muted some of it. Loved seeing the director too and Star wars from the 70's! I ll be here next week as usual.

Creature Features have you considered doing “live” shows around the great Bay Area. Just add a bit more Q&A with guests along with more background information on the films, prizes for fans, etc. Perhaps a partnership with “Spooky Boo” with a scary story segment too. I’m confident it would be a success. Especially with “Double Features with “Creature Features…!”. Just a thought 💭. I would love to offer Research & Development ideas as a intern. Love Tangella’s 4 Non Blondes look…!💯👍🏽👏🏾👋🏽👊🏾💯

The Last Child 🧒 I believe it swept the Oscars, oops sorry it was left out of the Oscars because of poor quality. At least we have the wit and intelligence of Mister Livingston than the beauty and warmth of Miss Tangella than the heroism and tenacity of Mister Handrew than the Host with Most Vincent.

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