the greatest viewers at any time

the ideal viewers ever

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I can just imagine what their reviews of the film would be: “wraarry wrerriott! Woof wraoof wau wauuuoof!”

Final Exam is sit through the entire Nicholas Cage filmography without attacking the screen.

Only then are you a true service dog.

I wonder what those dogs are thinking about the show? I know they are focusing on their task bit they must be watching the show too.

I have a friend who has a seeing eye dog. He had to go to New York and stay in a facility for 3 weeks to learn how to work with the dog and make sure they were a match. He told me they had 2 cats that just roamed the building to make sure that the dogs wouldn’t bolt after a cat and possibly drag someone into traffic or the like. The employee told him the cats sure had a smug attitude (even more so than a normal cat) because they knew those dogs wouldn’t bother them.

So.. kinda accurate. We taken them in and they sit with us like a normal movie night. We usually go in well before anyone and they lie down on the floor. At that point, no matter how well trained the puppy is.. it’s hoover time for all the popcorn bits and dust the cleaner couldn’t get, in as large a circle where they are lying as possible.

When we get up at the end of the movie people are usually amazed bcs they never heard or saw the dog. Pretty fun times!

SO CUTE! Wouldn’t it be fun to take them to see Annie? Specifically to see the scenes with Sandy!

Good boys, as they should.

Though legitimate question: out of all the musicals, why Billy Elliot specifically?

This is at the Festival Theatre at the Stratford Festival in Stratford Ontario! Every year they do 2 or 3 shakespeares, one or two musicals, and other plays, both established and emerging. I saw someone ask why Billy Elliot – it just happened to be the musical they had on that year (which I saw twice and was amazing!!). It’s important for the service dogs to learn how to interact with the sounds, lights, and live actors and it’s freakin adorable. And I love that Stratford Festival is able to make it happen!

What good boys and girls! My friend is a professional musical theatre actress in Korea. A few years back when they performed Annie, the dog playing Sandy decided it wasn’t fair that all the other actors got to sing. Whenever Annie sang with her on stage, she howled along. It was hilarious! Gotta give it up for little Annie. She never broke character.

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