The Gift of Existence

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Once a Legend said,
When you're extremely sad, consider yourself lucky because you have experienced some really happy moments.
Something that can make u so sad is a proof that you have been really happy at some point in your life.

I just wanted to thank you Jake, for always having subtitles, my sister was born with a hearing defect, so I'm delighted I can show her your cartoons 😀
Keep up the great work my dude!

Also, thanks for the cartoons in general, they're consistently class!

Now that's a literary account of what life is like (when you really think about it) from a materialistic worldview. No meaning in life, and nothing actually good— after all, everything is just chemical reactions.
If we were thrown into an absurdly meaningless world, that would be the case. But it isn't the case, because we were brought into an existence before the Triune God.

In the former, life is nihil, nothing in itself, and thus we must entertain ourselves only to endure more time alive. And since there is nothing good in being alive, only mere chemical reactions distracting us, to be alive is a burden— we need to help ourselves getting on with it.
In the latter, that is, if we acknowledge that God created the world, the thing is entirely different. Life is not nihil, but ex Nihilo. We did not exist, but God created us in order to grant us fellowship with Himself. From non-existence to a blessed existence in relation to the most beautiful, powerful, interesting, loving and holy Being.

If life is a burden, without anything good, it is not a gift. But if life is actually living with the only God who is truly Good, then we have the most amazing gift possible.
As a poem says,
"Of Him, Eternal, Infinite, Supreme,
Fain would a mortal Muse, adventurous, sing;
Him, for archangel-minds too vast a theme,
Who yet, when babes their meek hosannahs bring,
Inclines with gentlest grace, and veils in Mercy’s wing."
If you think the possibility of fellowship with the Triune God Himself isn't a gift enough it is because you cannot fathom finding someone more valuable than yourself. You will miss the true life if you keep feeling thus. We have before us, through the redemption accomplished by the Lord Jesus Christ, the opportunity of living to the glory of God, in fellowship with God, with a big family that works and speaks the truth in love— a most wonderful life!

"So I have looked upon you in the sanctuary, beholding your power and glory.
Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you."
Psalm 63:2‭-‬3 ESV

Apart from doing mundane tasks for making money, there are at least 2 other types of meaningful things I've discovered.
Meaningful as in making life not hurt so much.

One is a game that has you trapped inside an unperceivable box. You have to figure out what the box is and escape it.
Every time you escape the box, there's a new box that's harder to escape. It nets you some loot, some insight, and tons of XP.
If you stack too much insight and fail to escape the last box, you go mad after a while.

The other thing is a skill, were you combine two separate things into a new thing, to solve a new problem.
Depending on the problem it solves, you can sell the new thing and potentially break the game by getting too much money.
Don't break the game though, it's just a gimmicky game-over screen with a super long credit scroll that you can't skip.

I suppose there are a couple of other things, but I'm not super familiar with those.
At least on other thing has been found by people that can make a thing into a different thing, mostly by talking about it with other people.
Sometimes by making a peculiar face and changing the pitch of their voice, I guess.
I don't know how that one really works, to be honest, as I tend to stay away from those people.

Considering I do the 2 things I found, it seems that you can effectively dual-class your build, without doing the mundane stuff.
It does make early-game more difficult, but mid-game it seems to pays off, so I feel like it's worth it.

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