The future Senator from Pennsylvania

The up coming Senator from Pennsylvania

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Get you an ideology and policy platform that makes Bernie Sanders look at you that way.

Tbh I think this guy could be a future presidential nominee, he’s from a swing state, has a bit of a national following, good at appealing to the base and even a good bit of the progressive wing but also good at winning over swing voters. He could be the ideal candidate for a Democratic victory at some point down the line.

He’s a monster and he’s gonna take the seat if people vote. I’m sending more $ to him and I’m not even IN Pennsylvania. I’ve had the Fetterman sticker I got from my last donation on my whiteboard since he announced his candidacy.

Please add a name to inform others.

His name is John Fetterman and he received 59.02% of the vote.

I feel like that kind of “im sick of this bullshit and I see right through your bullshit” vibe is exactly what we need rn

So, who thinks there will be any GOPer in Congress that will mouth off with attacks on Fetterman?

If he wins the general, I hope he is a reliable progressive as opposed to our basically worthless crop of fake progressives we’ve been electing.

Bernie is already 6ft and Fetterman dwarfs him. I can’t wait to see this guy stand off against someone like Joe Manchin.

Edit: Bernie is 6,0, Fetterman is 6,9, and Manchin is 6,3.

I live just north of Pittsburgh. Fetterman was the mayor of a small suburb of Pittsburgh, so he is kind of already a legend here.

I have always been semi-political, but not ever really the “boots on the ground” type. I may reconsider that for Fetterman. If he is as real as I think he is, I may have to go out and knock on some doors or organize some shit.

And that’s a good feeling to be inspired in such a way by someone who is local and progressive, not to mention pretty badass.

If you don’t know Fetterman, imagine a more authentic Chris Christie but without the idiotic republican ideology.

Is he wearing shorts in that picture?

I donated a few months ago. Need to send some more, these senate seats are huge.

John Fetterman was so great as Lt Governor, we just had to vote for him again! Wish him good health, though, he just had a stroke and heart surgery literally this past week. Please get well soon!

I’m telling you guys: this type of candidate is only possible because of Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential run. Guy started a bona fide movement. The only thing I could possibly criticize about it is that it didn’t start earlier in 2012.

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