The Finest Gift (Official Lyric Video) – Ginny Owens

The title keep track of from my new Xmas EP, The Biggest Reward, is now accessible!

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14 replies on “The Finest Gift (Official Lyric Video) – Ginny Owens”

Hi.. I watched your testimony on
Dr Charles Stanley this morning. You are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your life & heart!
Your blue eyes are beautiful!! The topic he spoke about was “experiencing inner peace”
a wonderful powerful moving message..
The Greatest Gift is Awesome!! Thank you!
Merry Christmas🙌😘

Dispite of your failures and your rebellion God says I love you, temptation can no longer control for He sees your life and problems and says I have Control :). Just be hold 🙂

You're heart longs for something more, you want to follow and serve but Stumble and fall because of your sin and transgressions. If your reading this God says I love you, I love you, I love you with everlasting love. God knows :). He is willing to forgive you and cleansen your soul and He'll receive you and guide you :)…Trust in Him :), many people say that but it's because you heart longs for it :)….God bless and loves you All :). Believe 🙂

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