The Fifth Element Returns to Theaters for Its 25th Anniversary

The Fifth Ingredient Returns to Theaters for Its 25th Anniversary

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They did this for its 20th anniversary as well, b/c I saw it at my local Cinemark in 2017. I might buy tickets to see it again since it’s such a great movie to watch, especially on the big screen (that and I wasn’t able to get good seats 5 years ago).

Ohh i was wondering why all the recent astroturfing posts existed. Was worried they were going to announce a sequel or something.

The UK 4K disc of this is so fucking amazing I’d me hard-pressed to think of it looking better in a cinema, but I’ll probably go just because I love this movie that much.

Korben, Korben my man… we’re going to make more money!



/s as this is one of my favourite movies.


For the marketing, they gotta refer to the tickets as a “multipass”

if you buy a multipass online, when you print it out, the ticket should look like a printed copy LeLu’s multipass. While still having the usual ticket information on the print out.

Y’kno, have some fun with the entire thing, get the audience a little bit more involved, while actively participating in the nostalgia. Idk, maybe Some theatures should put on a cosplay contest and the winner gets some kind of prize.

That would convince people to go back to the theatures and drive massive boxoffice Multipass sales.

Well this explains all the weird marketing posts on this sub for the movie these last couple of weeks.

I saw this when it was released in the late 90s. I remember about halfway through, looking over at my friend, and we both made expressions of “is this for real?” and “I don’t know, but it’s amazing”
It was such an assault on the senses. So much being thrown at you in the beginning. You have no idea where it’s going, what is going on, so many characters talking so fast.
And the designs! The characters, the costumes, the ships, the sets, the props… Most far-future movies have way too many easily identifiable elements. You can look at some pics in the latest Dune film and mistake it for present day, even though it’s set thousands of years in the future. But just look at Zorg. He’s wearing a funky plastic thing on his face in one part. What the hell is it? We don’t know. We have no clue what it is, what it’s for, totally unidentifiable. That hairstyle of Rod’s – what the absolute hell is that? The future should look like an alien environment, and Fifth Element nails it hard.
You can tell when the people making a film put a lot of thought into the world building, and they just poured it into this one. Just an amazing film.

“This is good news, guaranteed! I bet you lunch!”
“You are…fired”

Gets me every time hahahaha

The plot is ridiculous, the dialog melodramatic, and the special effects dated—but I absolutely loved the Fifth Element. Saw it in theaters twice when it first came out. It’s got heart…and Chris Tucker.

I still remember the theater going absolutely silent for the Diva’s song, and how badly I wanted to applaud afterwards. I wish more movies could just genuinely surprise me that way!

I saw the original run in theaters. Such a classic. The giant bug aliens, the Diva, Fhloston Paradise, Zerg.

My birthday is June 25th, and they are showing the movie in my area on the 26th. I know it’s all a coincidence, but Happy Birthday to me!!

I’ve been using this movie to fall asleep to for the last few years, I’d probably fall asleep in the theater.

During the start of Covid when we were all sure Covid was gonna kill us I downloaded a bunch of comfort movies to binge during the inevitable death plague.

Over the 1000+ times I’ve watch it I’m constantly amazed by this movie. Just watched a YouTube video of LeeLoo’s actor talking about how the language she spoke in the movie was complete enough to speak with others while the camera wasn’t rolling!

So much work for a movie that didn’t get any sequels!

Around the time The Fifth Element, I read about an interview with Gary Olsen where the interviewer asked him why used a southern accent for Zorg. Gary he chose it because there wasn’t anything more terrifying to him then a southerner taking over the world.

I’ll have to go see this movie in theater, it was just so fun the first 2 times I saw it in theater 25 years ago!

Why does 25 years feel appropriately long ago for this movie but Pirates of the Carribean at 19 fucks with my head

Is there a way to buy an all-day ticket to see this film multiple times…. like a MULTI-PASS?

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