The fastest way to vacant a bottle

The quickest way to vacant a bottle

The fastest way to empty a bottle from Damnthatsinteresting

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If you take in consideration the extra time needed to prepare for the last attempt, that would be the slowest one overall.

Yeah, but most of my bottles don’t come with a straw inserted…

Factor in the time to get and insert the straw, vortex mode is going to be the winner

I was getting frustrated by how slowly the first bottle was emptying, I wasn’t even the one doing it. Goodness.

How does the straw stay in the bottle when he’s inverted it? Is it taped to the neck or something?

I learned the vortex method on my own when I wanted to wash water bottles, but avoid any bubbles n suds staying inside. Very handy 😀

I learnt the vortex method about 10 years ago. The collective amount of time it has saved me since then is around the amount of time it took to write this comment.

Plumber here! This is why you see all those little pipes of different sizes sticking out from your roof. They each connect to a drain for sink, shower, laundry and toilet, to make sure they get the ventilation to drain properly!

Straw? I just put my pinky in the opening to disrupt the air bubble. it goes pretty quick and we can save turtles

Or just…pour it? Like with the bottle NOT straight upside down? Pretty sure I’ve gotten it to like 5 seconds with no special method needed

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