The charge for each device of One particular pill my dad requires to live Immediately after insurance plan

The expense for every unit of A single pill my father demands to are living Soon after insurance

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28 replies on “The charge for each device of One particular pill my dad requires to live Immediately after insurance plan”

That info is from the website and it explicitly states it’s the price for cash paying customers, and not valid with insurance. I also don’t personally think this is appropriate for the sub.

Unless theyre made of caviar and pressed with gold leaf, there’s no pill on earth that’s worth that much. Nothing more than capitalist greed at the expense of lives.

It’s so ridiculous that the US’s for profit healthcare system is so unaffordable. It’s so pointless and upsetting knowing the US is the only first world developed country that doesn’t have universal healthcare.

Well I know what MY choice would be if I had to pay that just to live….

Only person getting paid would be my beneficiary lol.

Aaahhhh….the Land of the free 🙂

The same amount of pills costs 4,60€ where im from. Thats fucked up.
Im sorry for your dad tho. Good luck to him.

Sorry bud I know the pharmaceutical industry is a joke. I worked as a pharmacy insurance specialist so I may be able to help. Unfortunately if he has Medicare, it’ll be tough. But if he has commercial insurance he should qualify for a copay card. I’m assuming he has Medicare though. There are grants and funds available but lot of them require income no higher than 150-200% of poverty line for the household.

Just bein straight up cause we all know our system here is fucked.. it would literally be cheaper for him to go to Mexico pay cash and bring it back with him 6 months or a year at a time

Would be about a tenner a month in the UK on a repeat prescription card. That’s insane, wtf USA ??

Literally killing the poor to keep millionaire and billionaires rich.

I’m gonna set up a drugs import operation of legal drugs 😅😅 seems to be better money than illegal ones

My dad’s oral chemo pills are $20k a month. Fortunately, he got a grant from the hospital or something and it’s covered.

This shit is out of control.

£9.35 for a box of them in the UK. Free if you’re exempt from paying for prescriptions (under 16, over 60, in full time education or pregnant)

Hey, u/opalush maybe not as good as other deals but a short trip to Mexico could get you some Revolade:

>[28 units at 653.62 US dollars](—r/revolade-28-tabletas-caja/p/000000000030070024) This turns into 23.34 dollars the unit.


>[50 units at 1307.19 US dollars](

It would be fairly cheaper to travel to Mexico for a fun trip, get the stuff and get back.

I don’t understand how this isn’t extortion. They’re literally saying, “Pay us $76,000/yr. or die.”

Lol… my dad takes pills that cost 8000€ a box, and it’s entirely free thanks to public healthcare

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