The CCP is constantly watching

The CCP is often viewing at/

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Fucking CCP. I would probably move to China and live there happily if it weren’t for the government.

remember last time when first vaccine comes out,some of my colleague receive calls from local police via wechat,

local police calls chinese people outside the country to take vaccine in the embassyif cant contact the person, they will ask their family to contact.

the magic is, how the goverment knows this particular person is outside the country and their temporary phone number,this is incredible

(we work at outside mainland)

Tankie: “China isn’t communist, it’s just state capitalism.”

Westerner: “But they call themselves communists and function under the same kind of government as the Soviet Union.”

Tankie: “TrueCommunism has never been tried because on paper it would lead to a perfect society. The problem with China is it is not communist enough.”

Why don’t Chinese people stand up to the CCP? Because of things like this. It’s terrifying, and we’re not even experiencing it first-hand. Hate the CCP all you want, but the citizens of China are all victims.

Is there a subreddit for CCP shenanigans? I watch so much China news you’d think i were an expat.
My current thing is browsing r/sino ironically.

what a horrible country. And people in Canada have the nerve to cry out for their freedoms just because of a mask mandate. Jesus fucking christ

Good on this woman for filming this and broadcasting it. I’m really hoping the power of VPNs and the Barbara Streisand effect can help people there in *some* capacity.

That shit is exactly why the west and especially Europe should do everything in their power to contain this scum regime. Start producing in Europe again, severe business ties and don’t bulge to their ridiculous demands. And never ever do a joint venture unless you want all your tech stolen because Chinese people are too stupid for research.

Sound like the Disinformation Governance Board this joke of an administration was trying to form.

This is what they have been doing to the Uyghur Muslim minority in their genocide against them for those that are outside of China they would kidnap anyone close to them to bring them back or mentally torture them.

This is life in China. Yet businesses the nba Disney and political leaders won’t criticize them. The USA went to the Olympic Games knowing the genocide occurring there. Why are you surprised

That must be an interesting Twitter account. Maybe now people will appreciate Freedom of Speech. In any case, I wonder what happens if that lady ever “reports” to the police in China. How long would she disappear?

can media start to fucking address stuff like this, yes the johnny amber trial is interesting and could potentially be important for society but come on, fucking stuff that needs immediate attention happens all the time but somehow no one seems to care.

Waiting for the cop to hand the phone to LeBron, so Qing James can explain to her how she’s being ignorant and needs to be educated.

And here politicians in the US are trying to WEAKEN encryption protection on everyone’s devices. 🤦‍♂️ Orwell’s 1984 is coming if you sleep on it and don’t speak up or vote for those people who are committed to protecting your Constitutional rights.

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