THE Brain ON POLITICS – Do You Opt for Your Political Views? Mother nature vs Nurture

My guest and I examine the head on politics. Do you select your political sights or are they selected for you? Join us as we examine Nature vs Nurture.

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6 replies on “THE Brain ON POLITICS – Do You Opt for Your Political Views? Mother nature vs Nurture”

I'm a "it's probably 50/50" on the nature vs nurture argument. We are not blank slates when we are born. Our environment does shape us, but our genetic dispositions guide how we interpret the information we gather. Oh, and fuck democracy.

My political leanings have changed over the years. I was 100% my body my choice-with people pushing full term I no longer think that way. I was 100% open borders as I worked with great people whom were here illegally as time passed I noticed more and more natural born citizens going without while illegals got benefits I changed my mind looking into the immigration numbers should scare everyone- since 1996 we've legally been letting in 770,000k immigrants per year. That equates to the entire population of Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Montana and Arizona combined- no wonder America no longer feels like America. I allied myself with Democrats due to the war on America aka the war on drugs. Truthfully I don't want Republicans to win nor Democrats what I want is for We The Peopl to actually get a win for once in my lifetime. Sorry long winded.

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