The best gift for mom is a homemade chicken sandwich Mom’s favorite recipe

Hello, dear viewers! Today we’re going to show you how to make the best gift for your mum – a homemade chicken sandwich based on your mum’s favourite recipe.

Our mothers always know what tastes best, but today we’re going to get together in our home kitchen to make her favourite chicken sandwich.

Chicken fillet
Cream cheese
Baby mozzarella

1) Fry the chicken fillet
2) Pour oil on top, add spices and rosemary
3) Fry for 5-7 minutes
4) Turn to the other side
5) Grate the cucumber
6) Turn the meat over again
7) Heat cream and add baby mozzarella
8) Add the cream cheese
9) Chop the onion
10) Toast the croutons in a dry frying pan
11) Mix cream cheese with wasabi
12) Cut the meat into pieces
13) Spread the croutons with cream cheese
14) Top with onions, microgreens and meat slices
15) Pour the cream cheese mixture over the meat
16)Cover with a crouton

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