The ANABOLIC Rise Of The Tren Twins

The ANABOLIC Rise Of The Tren Twins

Despite their massive popularity, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the Tren Twins. Who are these guys, really? What motivates them to push themselves to the limit every day? And how have they managed to achieve such incredible success in the fitness world at such a young age?

One thing that has contributed to the blow-up of their social media following is the realness of their videos. The brothers come off as pretty raw with no crazy transitions or stuff like that, making them seem like the real deal. Plus, you can literally feel their energy in the videos.

Another trump card that the Tren Twins have up their sleeve is the titles of their videos. The Tren brothers have the most hilarious and catchiest titles:

– International Chest Day
– How to upgrade your pumps
– How to properly pick up heavy ass weight
– How to ego-lift optimally
– Bigger by the day: We accidentally got more jacked


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The MANIC Tren Twins Who Took Over The Fitness Industry
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00:00 Intro
01:40 Chapter 1: Who Are The Tren Twins
02:56 Chapter 2: Steroid Enhancements
05:03 Chapter 3: Manic Social Media Gains
07:30 Chapter 4: Let’s Talk About Money

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