The A single Who Seeks… Finds! | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

April 3, 2022
Pastor Steven Furtick
Elevation Church

What if your blessing is ideal in front of you?

In “The One particular Who Seeks… Finds!” we’re reminded that for the duration of tough seasons, we can both glance for explanations to grumble or causes to hope.

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Part Titles:
:00 – Comeback Sunday!
2:30 – Are You All set For Component Two?
5:50 – God Is On Your Side
12:22 – The A single Who Seeks… Finds!
14:38 – It Won’t Get Considerably Worse Than This
16:45 – The Bread Is Back!
19:00 – Gleaning In The Grieving
22:44 – Can You See God’s Hand In The Agony?
26:23 – Do not Let Grief Overtake Your See
29:40 – What Are You Getting For Granted?
31:41 – The Head On A Mission
34:02 – You will Uncover What You happen to be Seeking For
38:27 – Just Start out Somewhere!
40:42 – The Devil Will Support You Come across Misery
42:34 – End Trying to get Their Consideration
49:46 – You’re Overlooking The Superior
53:24 – Favor Is In Front Of You
55:25 – God Is Looking For You
58:55 – He’s On A Rescue Mission These days
1:00:19 – Jesus Came To Look for And Help save YOU

Scripture References:
Ruth 1, verses 19-22
Ruth 2, verses 1-12
Matthew 7, verses 7-11
2 Chronicles 16, verse 9

The One Who Seeks… Finds! | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church


24 replies on “The A single Who Seeks… Finds! | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church”

I'm about ready to cry. I over looked something bigger. It ain't till now I see what I've over looked. Your right. U may not think god's coming from certain people or types and the topic may not match what u exspect, it's where and in the one u think least be in what god has for u. I came to the conclusion my own thinking, i did walk away from what god has cause I tryed to push to hard and looking for reasons to not accept what another was offering threw Christ. God will use one that u would least think he be in. The funnier part I found Christ. Looking in wrong place to get what I want. I needed to be looking for Christ first. Then he might give me both. Christ and what I was looking for when I at least exspected it.

So funny u say that was my exact this way. Wow wasn't even looking at it that way. Your right I was looking for people to leave. Not looking at maby they wanna stay but I'm not looking at it the right way.

Seek and you will Find… Oregon is listening! This series on Ruth has changed our lives. God is speaking through you bigger better and farther than you could grasp comprehend or imagine. This message about Ruth tied into our feast Jesus & Women By Kristi McClelland. Taking women From shame to Honor, out of the pit and into the position of honor. We are still seeking his purpose and this message is the best counsel for us. God Bless you and your family constantly!♥️👏🎵🙏✝️😃~♡

I don’t know if the pastor looks at this, but thank you pastor because I have been struggling so much with death of multiple family members and so many life changes all at once on top of that. I was seeing everything as bad and looking for the bad because of it. I felt like Naomi. I felt bitter. This is true, i needed this. This is going to start my steps in the right direction back to joy.

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