That pass was closer than the hole involving his bum-cheeks

That pass was closer than the hole concerning his bum-cheeks

That pass was closer than the gap between his bum-cheeks from IdiotsInCars

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I don’t ride my bike in the car lanes like that because I don’t want to become a vegetable because some 16yo girl was checking her makeup or phone.

I only say 16yo girl because I was rear ended by one at a red light. She plowed into me at 40mph. Her excuse she told police was, “I was looking in my purse for gum.”

Everyone here is so bitter about bikes, the guy is not in the wrong anyway what so ever, the van should be giving a minimum of 1.5meters and should not attempt to pass untill the van knows they have that much room to pass.

I think some of you lot need to go learn the new rules of the road it’s not 1983 anymore

Shit like this is why I would NEVER bike on an actual road, give me a nice trail or former railroad thats been paved over and I am good.

In this topic: Angry motorist who think it’s okay to nearly kill others, just because “they are not in a car”.

Holy crap, the comments in here.

Let me put some stuff to rest as someone who is from the country where this is filmed (Ireland).

Yeah, biking on that road is probably a little dangerous, but what the van driver did was COMPLETELY illegal. There are laws to prevent cyclists from using motorways/highways but not a national road like this, even though the speed limits are usually 100kpm (60mph). However, that doesn’t change the fact that the cars/van are legally required to overtake cyclists with a distance of at least 1.5 metres (about 5 feet).

So yeah, I get that a lot of commenters here are from the US, but just bear in mind that this clip is not from the US. In Ireland, the cyclist was entitled to use that road and what the van did was dangerous and illegal.

I’m not familiar with the laws of this road. Whether the cyclist was in the wrong or being an inconvenience, I don’t think it justifies a close pass. That certainly is the point of this sub. The amount of people not focusing on that issue is surprising.

Holy shit, this comment section knows nothing of safe cycling or cycling law in Ireland, or apparently anywhere

Did you contact the business associated with the van? He could’ve waited. Honestly the first vehicle was pretty close as well

Holy shit, this sub is extremely toxic against bicycles. People here are seriously defending that van driver who is risking the life of the bicyclist because he doesn’t want to be inconvenienced by his presence.

Even if it was illegal for the bicyclist to drive on that road (which it most likely isn’t), that doesn’t justify putting his life in danger any further by deliberately overtaking in such an unsafe manner.

I live in a Michigan suburb and would ride my bike to work in the summer. There are not nearly enough bike lanes, and even the sidewalks just randomly stop and forced me to go into the road unless I wanna “off-road” through some lawns. It’s the worst.

One day, a pickup truck passed me close enough to graze my shoulder with his flat screen-sized side mirrors, at a light that he really wanted to make for a right turn.

I can’t really describe how terrifying that was. I stopped and just sat on a lawn for 10 minutes because my legs felt too weak to stand.

It was the last time I rode into work. I’m not ready to die on a 3 mile ride just to get to a job I don’t even like, haha.

Reading some of the comments here, I’m thinking the Flintstones had the right idea.. pedal cars

Cyclist is as far left as he can be, lots of standing water to his left which can hide potholes/other dangers. Additionally, he needs to give himself space to swerve out for any upcoming potholes/dangers, whether that is to the inside or outside, which means that it’s recommended to cycle just a little bit off as far left as you can. Van driver on the other hand could have given far far more room given that the oncoming lane was free & this served no point other than to put a life in danger, hopefully there are repercussions? Here in the UK there certainly would be.

A few years a ago, a girl I’m very close friends with was having a house built. We were there with her parents doing a walk through while they were building. The hvac guy came to do some work. He’d been there about 5-10 minutes when a couple of cyclist showed up and beat his ass. They said he had run them off the road but they could see him turn into the neighborhood.
I’m a cyclist too so I approved of his lesson.

Holy cow, what a complete idiot. Its amazing the draft didn’t pull the bicyclist down, let alone the shock of some moron in a huge vehicle getting so close.

The hatred this sub has for bikers ever existing is intense. It’s the type of hatred that leads to posting shitty things victim-blaming bikers or outright cheering for their injury / death. That’s pretty fucked up.

Way too many comments here thinking the problem is bicycling on a public road and not driving cars dangerously.

There are lots of thing that I could be “in the right” while doing, but if it’s stupid and dangerous, I wouldn’t do it.

If you’re riding that close to cars, even if it’s legal and right to do, one of them is bound to get close. You’re a bike, and yes, people should be careful around you, but you should also ride as defensively as you can. Give yourself distance, or get into the center of the lane. He’s in the sweet spot where he is doing neither. Rider needs to look out for himself, because it’s unsafe to rely on others to do it for him, obviously.

To everyone saying he should be further to the left pay a bit more attention to the video.

Hint: that’s not a bike lane

As a car driver its not fucking rocket science. Just wait until it is clear to pass the cyclist safely.

Highway code:

Under rule 163, it says: “As a guide, leave at least 1.5 metres when overtaking cyclists at speeds of up to 30mph, and give them more space when overtaking at higher speeds.”

This idiot driver would be looking at least 3 penalty points and a fine.

This is why I quit road cycling, I was intentionally hit with a tow mirror on the back of the helmet by a bunch of rednecks on a country road.

People lose their humanity when they feel anonymous and powerful.

Your life is worth less than a McDonalds trip to some drivers. They’ll only feel anything if they’re caught.

Anyone that thinks the driver is in the right needs a lobotomy. You can’t just attempt murder for the sake of saving a few seconds. Is it really worth potentially ending someone’s life and spending a few years in prison over waiting a few seconds to overtake safely?

This should be instant jailtime. Attempted murder. Doubt their license will even get taken away.

Another Cam Frewer in the making

> In November of 2018, a YouTube cycling blogger named Cameron Frewer was killed while riding his bicycle on a 100kph motorway. His signature calling card involved riding on the most dangerous roads he could find with GoPro cameras mounted fore and aft, and he would then upload videos of people passing him closely in cars. This is the story of Frewer’s rise to fame, and how he died

This is a driver that does’t care if they hit you. They’ll re-adjust mirror later on down the road while you’ve been thrown off your bike into a ditch with a broken leg.

Seeing stuff like this, we really need better infrastructure for bikes.

In my town, they created “bike paths” by putting up signs that say it’s a bike path. They didn’t make the streets any wider or create markings to accommodate bikes. They just put up signs. On roads that would cause a head on collision if someone tried to pass a bike because there isn’t enough room to pass safely without going significantly into oncoming traffic.

Some of my neighboring towns did much better. They actually bothered to find roads that were wide enough to accommodate bikes and gave bikes their own separate lane 3-4 feet wide with clear markings on the road.

As soon as I saw this was recorded on a bicycle, I knew the comments section was going to be a shitstorm. This sub is so quick to side with the idiot as soon as the one who almost died is on two wheels, and even more if it’s a bicycle.

He could ride in the bike lane and not the road if he doesn’t want cars to get so close to him

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