That is his squirt gun.

Which is his squirt gun.

That’s his squirt gun. from funny

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It never gets old and I love how he doesn’t react in the slightest when dude starts pinching it.

Nah he’s looking at whoever’s recording him thinking I’m so screwed. I’ll be hearing about this the rest of my life.

I can just imagine this guy, sitting in a jail cell, telling the tale to his incarcerated audience, of how he got a handy from a cop.

he could have played dumb and got a full hand job.


This! This right here. What is it?


I don’t know what you’re talking about.


This, motherfucker. yank yank

Dudes like “rub it for a few more seconds”

A little OT but me and a friend went to a Pantera/White Zombie concert years ago and I had some really tight shorts on and my friends pants were a little baggier. Well we wanted to sneak my dugout in to the show so she stuffed it down her pants. Well the security guy that patted her down asked what it was and she said it was her penis and the dude just waived her through. I don’t see how you could confuse it but I guess he was just so stunned he didn’t even think about it.

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