Thanks, I hate furry

Thanks, I hate furry

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I tried to figuer it out for a minute, and the best I came up with is the girl shows the squirel a nut, the squirel eats it, then the girl grabs the squirel and eats it gaining a Mario power up of a tail and ears.

Don’t knock it till you try it. Shoving a squirrel up your butt is one of the hottest experiences you can have, it feels amazing. Just got to remember to pull it out for air once in a while, unless you’re gassy and can feed it air that way while it’s still inserted.

I recently had a really bizarre dream. I basically had an old cartoony double barrel shotgun and I was running around my old childhood neighborhood and I was shooting the gun at my neighbors but the gun didn’t have bullets. Everybody who was shot basically grew a random animal tail from their butt.

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