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This is how leman Russ armor should work not 2+ save. Does also make marines harder to get rid of without nerfing pen zip into the ground.

the wording implies that this buff also applies to space marine scouts and sister repentia


***who dont wear power armour***

So… Chaos space marines get protection by holding the corpse emperor in contempt or some shit?

So gauss, shuriken, pulse, and galvanic weapons now have the same penetrative power into marines as lasguns and autoguns. This edition is such a mess lmao.

Power creep at its finest. We made better and better weapons so now we made better defenses because we made the weapons too good. Why not just give marines 3 wounds next?

The absolute state of 40k right now lol, glad my friend group agreed to shelve Warhammer for the time being

Jokes on them my Vangaurd bloob has 0 ap on their standard rifles and 3 shots each in a twenty man bloob.

So if my Salamanders army already treats AP -1 as AP -0, does that third bullet point mean I don’t get this trait?

Edit: NVM; I should have gone and read the Dataslate before commenting.

This shenanigans will take some getting used to

So they added AP onto a bunch of weapons, and now they’re making marines resistant to AP…if only there was a simpler way to reach this state of balance.

As a Necron player this is just giving me more reasons to sell my stuff or not play this stupid game anymore. Honestly fuck GW and their stupid rules changes always making the game worse. 9th edition has been an utter shit fest from the start.

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