Texas energy grid operator asks prospects to preserve energy soon after six plants go offline

Texas ability grid operator asks prospects to preserve electrical power following six vegetation go offline

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Texas elected officials are too busy fighting culture wars. They can’t be distracted with basic essentials for those who elected them. It’s a common theme for today’s Republican party on both the state & federal levels.

Yeah that’s not happening.

Texas is going to have live in the stone age for a little while until someone can give a fuck.

I work for a solar energy company and every time there are stories like this we see a huuuuggggeeee increase in the number of people signing up with us and installing battery/generator backup. So I guess in a roundabout way this is forcing Texas to adopt green energy?

Man fuck Texas. Fuck Greg Abbott. The old coot said this shit would be fixed after the winter storm and here we are. Its fucking hot in south texas and we’re STILL facing the same issue after the jackass wasted four billion dollars the other day for a stupid fucking truck inspection. Fuck Greg Abbott.

I have family in Texas that aren’t Abbott’s people. So I’m torn between “LOL” and going “Hope they’re ok.”

This is what happens when you put profits over people. There are issues like this and the storm in every other state as well. But they can absorb it because they are interconnected, Texas doesn’t want to be under FERC regulations, so they are largely synchronous within the state though they can pull limited amounts of power through some interconnected DCs. FERC has a number of regulations to ensure things like the New York City blackout in 2003 don’t happen so their standards are all reliability standards, Texas doesn’t like regulations and doesn’t want to be under these which is required for interstate connections which is why their power grid is shit since they can not (for the most part) participate in interstate marketplaces which would alleviate some of their issues.

Texans sure are quiet when this happens to their state, but get all loopy crazy and attack California when it happens here.

Texas: “We have freedom from the oppressive regulations of the federal power grid!”

Also Texas: “Set your AC to 80 or the Freedom Grid will explode!”

Are they tired of all that winning and stable genius stuff?

Must be all those pregnant women’s fault.

How much sunlight does Texas get? Every single roof in Texas should have a solar array on it by now. How many power outages and hurricanes do you need? Dummies.

we should tell our conservative Texan acquaintances that the power shortage is all a liberal hoax, there is plenty of power, but soros is rerouting it to power mexican babies and if they love the country, they should turn all their things on.

20 years ago, i doubt something that stupid would work, today its almost guaranteed to work.

So Abbott didn’t fix the problem? Who ever saw that coming?? Texas, you want your state fixed then get rid of Abbott and fleeing Cruz.

Great showcase to attract high tech business when your infrastructure is worse than a third-world country. Wonder if Samsung and other fabs will go down again, causing another hundreds of million $ loss.

Texas is too busy investigating transgender Mr Potato Heads and fighting to focus on trivial matters like power generation.

When you let private industry run an essential service, they’ll run the system on raaazzzzooor thin margins to maximize profits, and you end up with a collapse when demand surges.

Don’t let capitalists be in charge of anything important. They’re best with restaurants and trivial amusements.

Conserve? How dare they infringe on my right to burn as much fossil fuel as possible. Do they think I’m some kind of liberal sissy? /s

>State lawmakers responded with a raft of legislation aimed at making the grid more resilient to a brutal winter storm.

>Nearly a year later, an investigation by NBC News and the Texas Tribune found that the grid remained vulnerable, with new regulations allowing companies to avoid the improvements.

Somethings never change.

California, Liberal poster child, just posted a $100 billion dollar surplus, while Texas, Conservative poster child, is out of electricity. Just a thought.

hmmm, yes. Because if there’s one thing that the pandemic has taught me is that Americans will gladly do what’s best for the collective good of their neighbors at the expense of their personal convenience.

He’s not flying to Cancun. Astoundibly he was at an eagles concert last night. You know rock concerts? Those things that consume tremendous amounts of electricity?

Texes’ power grid doesn’t work in the cold, but there are obviously no colder states with functional grids. Texas’ power grid doesn’t work in the heat, but there are no hotter states with functional grids. Texas’ grid is “brought down by wind and solar power” but there are no other states with power grids that have renewable power inputs. If only there were functional power engineering projects in the rest of the world to reference, but alas, there are not.

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