Tests Affordable vs High-priced Basic safety Glasses

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Security glasses are vital, but do you really need to spend $150 to defend your eyes? Right now we found out.

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21 replies on “Tests Affordable vs High-priced Basic safety Glasses”

You guys forgot the most important part. The reason why people take them off….. fogging, especially for construction use. That and comfort.. Durability from scratches is pretty important too if you're using them daily. I always used the 20-30 dollar pair, not the sealed type as they would fog too much but if if the Oakleys can be worn all day without fog in hot conditions it's worth that money. Can't protect your face if you don't wear them because you can't see out of them…

I personally use some leftover eye pro from the Army. I have several sets and they were all free. APEL standards seem more rigorous that ANSI. The ones I use can stop 12-gauge #5 at 10 meters.

Personally, I prefer to get the step up from the $1 pair and spend between $3 and $5 and just get a few pairs of bearcat safety glasses. They've got a number of different tints available depending on what you're working on. I first found them when I needed something that was a safety glasses but also acted as sunglasses, and that's when I got their mirrored ones. They don't obstruct my vision and have a comfortable nose piece.

I used to wear ones like the 20 dollar ones back when i worked at a workshop with moving machinery and metal edges everywhere. The fact that the face sealing thingy is opaque makes wearing these a lot more dangerous, since it cuts a lot of your periferic vision, and you could end up running into something. This makes these ones a lot less safe.

My takeaway from the video is that standards matter. They all passed ANSI and they all performed similarly from a protection standpoint. The extra money is what you spend for comfort, not protection. The $1 pairs are great for a few minutes or an hour. If you’re weary no them all day I want a pair (probably the $20 pair) with more padding.

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