Tests a boba obsessed child

Tests a boba obsessed child one/

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Am I the only one that thinks those Boba things are choking traps? As an adult I almost choke every time I drink one.

I saw my grocery store found a way to sell boba and I almost got some for my little cousins (4 years and up) but I was almost afraid that they’d choke on the balls. One episode of Trash Taste later I stuck with donut holes because one of the TT boys mentioned choking on it.

That little puppy face 😭 I would give her all of the Boba!

This is why I don’t have kids 🤣

In a different video the mom didn’t specify she shouldn’t drink the boba and she picked it up before the mom was out of sight 😂

What a cutie! She deserved that sip at the end, that 30 seconds probably felt like an eternity for her haha

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