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There are cities in China with no redlights or stop signs. People casually honk their way through intersections. It is terrifying and yet, a fun experience.

I know it seems like China is a long ways away. And that it’s just their problems they have to deal with. The truth of the matter is this could be America one day.

Ever get the feeling that some places like this are not actually civil engineers failing, but more of a subtle f you and a suggestion that we should all drive less?

This caption is fake. It’s a 4 lane highway that has 50 lanes for the toll booths and then it remerges back into 4. It’s not a 50 lane highway.

I’ve been in Shenzhen, China. Lane markers are a suggestion; reflexes, vigilance, and good brakes are required CONSTANTLY to avoid smashing into other cars.
You can honk if you want to — only God will notice.

This isn’t the fault of cars, it’s the fault of an overpopulated, disorderly, corrupt city.

25 lanes officially but those cars are packed so tightly there’s almost double the amount spanning across the lanes.

Trains and other public transits are equally crowded when this happens, there are just too many people and traffic peaks during holidays are on another level which stresses the transport system even further.

given that there is clearly a gated barrier just before the merge… I have instantly come up with a perfect solution which apparently they didn’t?

Can anyone explain to me the issue with the most obvious and immediately-apparent solution to this merging problem?

Not to be a downer but isn’t this the Hong Kong border? The excessive lanes are kinda necessary for queuing for the number of booths, I don’t really see a way around it.

I actually kind of like this, it discourages driving so much that people probably start taking public transport.

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