Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo

A has-been rock star hosts horror films in his haunted mansion. The gang watch Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo from 1977.

Episode 06-269 Airdate: 02–12-2022

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46 replies on “Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo”

I heard that next week's guest Lisa Miranda, aka The Wine Country Witch, turned Vincent into a dog! Does anyone have a link to this scene or the episode? Would love to see this scene, but I can't find it O.o

Happy Valentine's Day to all! I will admit to being afraid of spiders (although I respect them and refuse to kill them), so this movie did give me the willies. 🕷
I understand Tangella carrying the skull of her beloved around. I'm prone to talking to my late husband's ashes often, mostly to yell at him for leaving me in charge of the children (who are all adults now, but still cause anxiety from time to time). Keep fighting the good fight, Tangella!! I stand in solidarity with you! 😆

I just found creature features, spectacular! I am a life long fan of corn horror. The cheesier the better, and Livingstone and the Tangerine kid are the best. As a Chicago guy I grew up with Svengoolie. But creature features show even more obscure flicks. Love it.

happy valentines day to all of you,, we watch you from malta,, but we are few small only 300,000 people make the maltese nation,,, and not all love horror, me and my family are avide followers of horror, my wife loves tangella and i think she cute too, thanks for making ur days and nights better. all our horror and love to you

"Spiders in the Cockpit"

Vincent I think you've just come up with the title of an indie movie you could produce!!

Or you could go even lower budget and shoot something titled 'Ants at a Picnic.'

I respect Tangella's ability to express committment. A rare quality these days.

When she hates, she hates to the death. When she loves, she carries your skull forever. I find her sentiment touching. Now why can't we all find loves like that?

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you at Creature Feature. Love your show!

Hi Vincent, Tangela, and Mr. Livingston! Greetings from Peru. I like your show and enjoy your movies. Let me point out that you have become famous. It is a quality effect. The deadly cargo is an interesting movie, even though only Afrikan species of tarantulas are poisonous. There was a time in Peru that you can go to the pet market and come home with a big and not harmful tarantula. I was wondering if you would introduce fraternities' horror movies in your shows too. Keep cool!

I usually don't complain about the movies, and often defend the films shown as being part of the show. However, this was an AWFUL movie, even by campy Creature Features standards. haha

Great show. I've seen the movie a long time ago. Back then some people said the spiders wouldn't have survived be crushed by the coffee beans when the plane crashed. I hope they were using fake spiders when some of them got killed. I only like watching movies where they say no animals were injured in the making of this movie. Hope you all take care and have a great week.

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