Taking pictures In Los Angeles at Grand Central Markets

Taking pictures In Los Angeles at Grand Central Marketplaces

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One person was shot at the Grand Central Market Saturday afternoon.

Authorities were dispatched to the scene at the well-known food market just before 4 p.m. after reports of a shooting.

One person was struck by gunfire. Their status was not immediately known.

No information was available on a suspect, other than that they had already fled from the scene and were described as a White male.

Cell phone footage from the scene showed patrons running in all directions after the sound of the shots fired echoed through the market.

Officers disclosed however, that the shooting did not occur inside the market, but just outside of the doors.

I’m not trying to be combative, but I would honestly like to understand how the bystanders could have helped in this situation. I have absolutely zero training or skills I can think of that would enable me to assist a shooting victim, other than to call 911 which was already done. If I ever end up in this situation, what should I do to help?

“He’s dead. Someone shot him”

*Victim is obviously breathing*

“Stay back, it’s a crime scene”


“Oh, he’s alive”

*No one gives first aid. Everyone keeps filming the guy dying*

*Long pause*

“Did somebody call an ambulance?”

Welcome to the bystander effect my friends.

So he pulled a knife, and someone else pulled a gun, it’s never worth it folks, always walk away if you can.

We’ve entered so new stage of disfunction with our phones, the guy rolling up to get a close up video of the guy shot on the floor? Not normal!

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