Taika Waititi’s mystery Star Wars job will be the future franchise film

Taika Waititi’s mystery Star Wars job will be the future franchise movie

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I think this guy is very talented. Jojo rabbit was spectacular. He brought new life to Thor. What we do in the shadows was fucking funny as hell. He even got Wesley Snipes to be blade again.

I look forward to a fun Star Wars movie.

Quick edit for everyone asking. Wesley Snipes appears in the tv show “what we do in the shadows” as Wesley, the half human vampire by way of Skyping into a council meeting. He can’t be Blade for obvious reasons, but he’s a half human vampire seen in sunlight. It’s on the nose, funny as hell, and get Snipes to reprise his role as blade without being Blade.

With him, Dave Filoni, John Favreau and the crew, I think we are about to get a Star Wars movie we have been waiting for.

Taika Waititi. So hot right now.

I can’t wait for more episodes of his TV shows, but I’m also really looking forward to his Thor(s)!

So I personally think SW should start making movies in new eras that have little to no connection to the main era.

However, I think a perfect movie for Taika would be about a small unit of Stormtroopers/Imperial officers who work on the Deathstar. Show them existing in the background of the original trilogy, culminating in the Death Star blowing up with all of them on board.

Plot twist, it’s a shot for shot remake of “The Last Jedi” starring actors from New Zealand. It becomes the most universally beloved entry in the Star Wars universe.

I love Taika and his movies. He’s an amazing director. I’m just really, really worried that it’ll get “Marvel-ized” and be more “quippy dialogue” and “superhero force action scenes” even more so than we’ve seen in the prequels and sequels.

Please no more Skywalker family drama. Let’s go back a few centuries to the old republic. Give us some new characters to root for.

His Mando episode was awesome. The two stormtroopers trying to hit the bottle and continuing to miss was hilarious.

Just please be something new that doesn’t have more OT/Rebels v. Empire imagery. We’ve had enough of it at this point.

If Rogue Squadron is “probably going to be a follow up” I hope it’s a story about Wedge.

It’s a *Jojo Rabbit*-esque movie about a young boy who discovers his mom is hiding a Jedi in their attic after Order 66, and as the Empire begins its takeover, he develops an imaginary friend in the form of Emperor Palpatine (played by Waititi).

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