10 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Love

This year, give Mom something handmade. These easy, inexpensive DIY Mother’s Day gifts are sure to put a smile on her face.

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DIY Cupcake Bouquet | Edible Arrangent Gifts for Mother's Day

Hello DIY Queens! 3 YUMMY DIY Edible arrangements for mom on Mother’s Day. All three arrangements are great, but I’m absolutely in Yummm with the Cupcake Bouquet. Happy Mother’s Day to all my DIY Queens!!! Items from Dollar Tree *(DT), Walmart *(W), Party City *(PC), and Michaels *(M). Thanks for watching!

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3 DIY MOTHER'S DAY Gifts 2018 for Kids (& Adults, too!)

3 Easy DIY MOTHERS DAY for Kids 2018 Edition! Need a last-minute gift or a cute DIY for your mom? We got all the supplies and made all three DIY mothers day presents for super cheap on the same day!
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Most of the supplies you can find at dollar stores, craft stores, and second-hand stores like Goodwill. If you’re looking to order them online, I included links either to the exact product I used (when applicable) or an online alternative… that I probably would have rather used. This was a very last-minute video, so online wasn’t happening except for store pick-up.

DIY GIFT IDEA #1: A Mother’s Day Scrabble-Inspired Shadow Box
– – SUPPLIES – –
Scrabble Letters (you may be able to find some at a local Goodwill):
Paint (for your shadowbox & for the letters):
Fabric to cover the back of the shadowbox:
Shadow Box:
3D Stickers (we used the same ones for the photo magnets):
Hot Glue or some sort of adhesive:

DIY GIFT IDEA #2: Edible Chocolate Flowers in a Vase (my personal favorite — it’s so cute and you can eat it!)
– – SUPPLIES – –
• Dove Chocolate in a Variety of Flavors so you can get more colors:
• Card stock:
• Skewers (either in green or you’ll also need green paint)”
• Flower Arrangement Foam:
• A Flower Pot, Vase, or Mug (I got ours at Goodwill — so many eclectic options!):
• Scissors:
• Hot Glue or some sort of adhesive:
• Tape (preferably double-sided):
• (Optional) Flower Stencil or Cookie Cutter:

DIY GIFT IDEA #3: Washi Tape & Popsicle Stick PHOTO MAGNET
– – SUPPLIES – –
• Popsicle Sticks – Helpful Tip… I got my popsicle sticks at Michael’s and they were horribly bent so half of them were unusable and cost twice as much as colored ones at Target. If I hadn’t been in a hurry, I would have returned them.
• Your favorite design of WASHI TAPE (the best stuff ever — the kind I got was 70% off at Michaels and it’s so cute I can’t wait to use it on other things):
• Hot glue or some sort of adhesive:
• 3D Sticker (to attach your picture):
• Peel & stick magnets:

Some of these links are affiliate links. Basically, that means I could get a commission if you buy one of the products through the link, but it doesn’t cost you more money. This video isn’t sponsored; it’s just a cool way that the Internet helps me fund making videos like this.

These DIYs were inspired by much more creative people than me! Check out their original ideas:
(1) Scrabble Letter Shadow Box – I couldn’t find the exact DIY, but I saw something similar on Pinterest and just figured out how to create my own version:
(2) Edible Chocolate Flower Arrangement – This one actually came out way more similar than I planned. Usually I mess things up so much that even if I tried it wouldn’t look like the picture:
(3) Popsicle Stick Photo Magnet:

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P.S. Sorry the light kept changing. Oops! I filmed this at my sister’s house in Florida, so I didn’t have my lights. I thought I could beat sunset; I was wrong.

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