Students give priceless gift to colorblind teacher

One physics teacher received a special gift from his students.


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Physics teacher: "when you see red and green together, they look the same until I wear these glasses to break up the wavelength, so I see the colors like you do…'"

Also physics teacher: *wears red and green Hawaiian shirt…*

The photo of the physics teacher and the 11 pastel colored t-shirt wearing students means each student raised $36 dollars for the special glasses. The live group photo class with the news team showed 13 students will have been $30 dollars for each student to have raised.

I like to see hearing people do the same for deaf and hard of hearing people with out job discrimination,use of big words and using ASL as a way to sneak around the laws putting real deaf and hard of hearing people in danger and not on the same level. I think that would be the coolest day ever.

Colour blindness is a sex linked recessive disorder ,which mostly affect male if mother is a carrier of this disease .Chance for a female to get color blind is very less.Female become color blind when both parents are affected by disease.It is a mendalian disorder.

A real scandal is, that an American teacher can’t afford the $400 for the glasses and not the health assurance for it.
America, can’t you do any better ? You should pay the most important people, the thatchers, better an make health assurance for everybody possible and affordable. Look at Europe !

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