Steven Seagal obtained 60 lbs . for his job in “deal to destroy”. no one asked him to.

Steven Seagal obtained 60 lbs . for his purpose in “deal to eliminate”. nobody questioned him to.

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36 replies on “Steven Seagal obtained 60 lbs . for his job in “deal to destroy”. no one asked him to.”

idk how this clown ever became an action star. Worst choreographic fights I have ever seen. Akido is worthless too

I just checked the movie’s IMDB page, and its Metascore is… 3. Three! How can you even get it that low?!

I just caught a few minutes of some video on Seagal.

Some guy was fawning over him and they were talking and Steven was saying something like “we are very careful what we teach people” in terms of how dangerous his techniques were.

I haven’t literally snorted like that in a long time.

What a complete tool and fraud this guy is.

He also glued the hair of the dog he killed on top of his head and around his mouth after dyeing it black with car paint.

Nobody asked for that either.

I heard that Steven Seagal is the consequence of some producer’s stupid bet. He believed that it took no talent to be an action star and said “I bet I can turn anyone into an action star, like, for example, that guy”. And then he did.

I highly recommend listening to the behind the bastards podcast episodes on Stevie. Dude is a real piece of poop.

A podcast called The Dollop is currently doing a 3 part episode on him. This guy is such a piece of work.

The podcast ‘The Dollop’ is about to drop part 3 of its Steven Seagal biography, and man is it crazy!

“I am hoping that I can be known as a great writer and actor some day, rather than a sex symbol.” – Steven Seagal

Still waiting for Seagal to do a tank movie. Could sit for the whole thing. Cue love scene whilst still sitting in the turret.
Or just his head green-screened on.

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