Stealth clearing a person of my fave rebel outposts

Stealth clearing 1 of my fave rebel outposts one_of_my_fave_rebel_outposts/

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At first I was watching this on mute and all I could hear was **she’s a smoooooth operator**

In my NG+ playthrough I’m going to leave the rebel bases ‘til last so I can just reload the save and try different techniques. I wish I’d done that to a few in my first playthrough.

That was awesome………

Is there any kind of reward for doing all the rebel camps in HFW?

bro playing just cause 3, grappling around.

HFW added so much cool stuff that wasn’t in Zero dawn, like the grappling, the glider, the smoke bombs, valor, etc.

Waiting for a sale to pick it up.

It’s amazing seeing what Aloy is capable of vs. me just charging in loudly and killing everyone with melee attacks and barely hanging on myself

Now THAT is a stealth gameplay… Vs me sitting in the grass and waiting for someone to approach… Or shoot stuff from mile away with the sharpshooter. Damn, I missed on all that fun 😉
Great video!

That’s the second time in the last couple of days I’ve seen a sharpshot bow firing what looks like explosive arrows. What bow were you using for that high shot?

How do you jump on enemies like that? That they fall down and you can stealth kill? Is it a skill or does she do it automatically if you land precisely? Very impressive!

Uhm, this is a subreddit for the Horizon games. Why do you post a trailer for a new Black Widow movie here?
Seriously, great job! Bonus points for the pig running in and noping back out at 2:19 😀
Did you plan all what you did beforehand?

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