Someone take this kid away from her

Someone take this kid away from her

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Everybody’s blaming the mother, but she has done nothing wrong. The kid has a mental illness/eating disorder, so the problems aren’t the mom’s fault. I have someone in my family who eats chicken nuggets, but refuses to eat chicken that’s still on the bone. Won’t eat certain foods because of the texture of the food. Has a severely small list of foods that she will eat. Half of her meals are only bagels. I feel bad for the mom.

Omg. This child is seriously at risk for an eating disorder. He needs therapy.

If he’s got a serious food aversion to certain tastes/textures, she should work that out to come up with a diet that works for him and hits all the important nutrients.

Sounds like he either has a food allergy or he’s just a turd. My cousin would force himself to throw up if his mom made him eat food he didn’t want (basically anything that wasn’t a happy meal).

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