Some monsters for DOME ROMANTIK

Some monsters for DOME ROMANTIK

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18 replies on “Some monsters for DOME ROMANTIK”

These are amazing, love the animations and charecter design, cant wait to see what this all becomes! 🙂

Are you an actual dev? If so, i just wanted to let you know i absolutely loved your game. And these work looks stunning. But looks a little higher resolution? Changing the graphics a bit?

I’ve played the demo already and I love the game. The monsters are actually scary. I’d love to see what gets added when the game comes out.

Woah! I was hyped for this game when I saw DangerouslyFunny play it on YouTube. Cool to see some more of the monsters!

Animations are so smooth. Good work!

Also if you don’t mind could give some advices to pixel artist newbie on how to animate. You can also include some tuts or books.

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